Weekend Sale Steal!

Don’t miss this sale this weekend! Scarlet Creative is offering their Ana Loft for 75L! The furniture pack, some of which is featured here, is also on sale for 199L. Such a good deal I couldn’t resist! When the Scarlet Creative group notice went out, I got so excited I stopped what I was doing and went into a decor hole till the wee hours with this one. (This is not a sponsored post, I really did just love it).

I imagined it as a lovely work/live studio loft, with the partitioned room serving as a photography studio. The furniture from the furniture pack in the above picture are the sofas, rug, coffee table, and the rustic table and chairs seen in the foreground (items on table not included).

The numerous windows in the loft allow wonderful light to come into the loft and make it feel spacious and open. The artwork on the far wall along with the radiator and decor on top of it, as well as the kitchen (minus the wall decor) all come in the furniture pack as well.

I turned the upstairs loft into a bedroom space for myself. All items seen here are from my inventory. They include pieces from Haikei, What Next, Dust Bunny, Black Nest, Nutmeg, and Your Dreams.

And the balcony space is to die for, especially if you live facing the ocean as I do. This is giving me a little taste of summer even though it’s still winter where I am living at the moment. I love how the window opens up from the loft to allow access. The blue tile on the floor of the balcony area is such a nice touch. The two yellow patio chairs with blue patterned cushions are included in the furniture pack. The other elements are my own from Concept and 22769.

The furniture pack is well worth the 199Ls. The textures are really nicely done. I love little details like the apron hanging over the back of the chair and the distressed look added to some of the pieces. Below is a gallery of some of my favorites. The ladder on the landing leading to the bedroom is such a nice touch. To note: the hanging chair with yellow cushion is from Concept Malui gacha. The plants seen in my pics are from Hive, Concept, Milk Motion, Chez Moi, and Mithral.

The Ana Loft (Ground and Sky version included) 75L
Fatpack of furniture used to stage 199L

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