For the Love of…Books!

Welcome to the first of what I plan to be many “For the Love of…” posts. One of my favorite things to do in Second Life is acquiring homes and decorating them. I find it a fun, creative, relaxing outlet for myself.

I like to use a mix of old and new items from creators. And in doing so, I’ve discovered many items I love…usually they are those “little things” that really help make a home feel, well, like a home! These “For the Love of” posts will feature such items. And first up–books!

The library

The Apple Fall Scandinavian Barn home has the perfect corner nook under a set of stairs in which to place a library. Most of the pieces of furniture and books in the scene above are from the Apple Fall Black Friday sale shopping spree I went on, and they are as follows: Mercantile Bookshelves, Fulwood Chairs, Plan Chest, Penrose Task Lamp, and the West Village Althea Rug. The plant and ladder are from Haikei Gachas: the Soft & Dreams (7) and Take Me Away (4).

Besides Apple Fall, there are also books and objects from Haikei, Dust Bunny, Cheeky Pea, Nutmeg, Floorplan, and What Next, and :: db :: design. Most, if not all, are available on the Second Life Marketplace.

Some favorites of mine for filling out shelves and placing on tables and desks are below:

Clockwise starting from top left (click on pic for larger view):

  1. Tabletop: Floorplan open book, Apple Fall Design Books
  2. Long rows of books: Cheeky Pea: Jake’s Gardening Books and Falling Over Books and ::db design:: Five Piles of old Books # II and #IV (on MP as inworld shop is closed)
  3. Candle pic: Dust Bunny melted candle from As the Leaves Turn Gacha (In background: Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec and Wine Glasses, Tied Books and Books – Arrangements 2, 7, 8, 13 and Nutmeg Musical Escape Gacha Dark Books)
  4. Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 6
  5. Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 12 along with Haikei Brownish Colored Gacha 7 and Dust Bunny Sweet Dreams Books
  6. Ariskea [Delights] Candle and Books

If you are not one with patience to fill empty shelves on your own, there are plenty of pre-filled options out there like the one seen below:

Apple Fall Fairfax Sideboard

The Fairfax sideboard comes with all those books inside! Also seen in the pic from Apple Fall: Single Cut Hydrangea – White, Globe w/ Books – Cream/Grey, and Original Artwork: Crocosmia Study.

Up the stairs in the background are items being selected for my next “For the Love of…” post. ART! Stay tuned….and thanks for reading! Special thank you to my friend Nicola, for lending me some books for this post!

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I am a blogger in the virtual world of Second Life. My main interest is in home decor.

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