Fetch’s Fetching Fifty Linden Friday Bed

This Friday, January 15th, Fetch has a great deal on their Sloppy Bed. You can buy either the PG or Adult version for only 50L. If you chanced to catch my previous post on the KraftWork Murphy Bed, you know how I adore furniture with options.

What I love about this bed is it’s Hudful of multi-options. allowing you to customize the look and use the bed in different decor styles. You can change the headboard, mattress, cover, and pillows. In this post, I wanted to style simply, letting the bed shine. In the pic above, I channeled mid-century modern, pairing the bed with the Salt Center table and Haikei Sentimental Reason Gacha 3. The shoot was done in my DaD Stonewater House. The stylings below are NOT all the options, just some of my favorites, quickly done so you don’t miss the sale!

Fetch Sloppy Bed seen with Keke glass side table – black
Fetch Sloppy Bed seen with KraftWork Zen Refuge Bamboo Vases
Fetch Sloppy Bed seen with Nutmeg Garden Getaway Traveler’s Chair RARE
Fetch Sloppy Bed seen with Fancy Decor Leaning Art and Muniick Side T-brace side table

So go Fetch! Fetch’s Sloppy Bed, on sale today, Friday, January 15th for 50Ls.
SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Imogen/82/61/2504

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I am a blogger in the virtual world of Second Life. My main interest is in home decor.

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