The Glory of a Good Kitchen

Slowly sipping my coffee in a quiet kitchen as the sun comes up and the rest of the world is still sleeping is on my list of one of the greatest “little” pleasures in life. I had one of those mornings this morning. In appreciation of it, I decided to set out the Pitaya “La Cuisine” set that is available at the current round of Epiphany.

The set was one of the first things I spotted at Epiphany when I landed. I started to play it, then realized I wanted the whole thing, and gloriously they have the Fatpack of it for sale. I bought it. and it does not disappoint. The Fatpack contains all you need to stock the multiple cupboards and free floating shelves that come with it. Plates, dishes, glasses, mugs, platters, jars, cans, cutting boards, and plants are included. There are several color options for the cabinets, shelving, and hardware, and the oven–which of course, I love. The blue color for the cabinets struck me as quite lovely. I chose to pair it with gold fixtures, and the oak finish for the shelving.

Chez Moi’s Quinn Mini Oven

I also set out the Chez Moi Quinn Mini Oven, which is a delightful, interactive piece available at the current round of Tres Chic.

I added the backsplash from my Hive cozy kitchen set to the wall behind it as I feel like it finished it off in my space. I also used various kitchen paraphernalia I have collected over the years to complete the look. For my seating area, I chose THEORY’s Parabolic Dining room table paired with Fancy Decor’s Bonham Dining Chairs. However, I do have a tendency to sit on the counter with a magazine and my yogurt as seen below.

Enjoying a slow morning in the kitchen

Credits for items seen in the images above:
Pitaya La Cuisine Fatpack (available now at Epiphany –
:: THEORY :: Parabolic Dining Table
Fancy Decor: Bonham Dining Chairs
hive // cozy kitchen backsplash, wall pot rack – gold, paper towels, suds station, knife set, and

silver dollar eucalyptus
ionic : Dish rack, Groceries , apples and water
[MALO] Candy Jars
Chez Moi Quinn Mini Oven (available now at Tres Chic –
Mithral Plant Shelf (unlinked)
Cinoe Festival soup stall – Cutting board and kitchen knife
Your Dreams Traditional Kitchen Piggy Succulent
Fancy Decor Potted Succulent
vespertine baking tins 5
Reckless 3 Pacific Northwest
ACORN Bowls and Plate Display
Balaclava Plates and Bowls
Apple Fall Mixer – White and Gold, Copper Kettle, and Wine Glasses
Soy Stacked Pots and Zundo Pot
VEO Set Pots and Pans

tres blah hodegpodge – morning start

RKKN Marley Set Exclusive (available at Epiphany –
Mood Muemels – Cream and Stealthic Clarity Hair (both available at Kustom 9 –

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