Creating a Bridal Suite

It was such a pleasure creating the bridal suite for Jesie, who got married yesterday! Recovering from the festivities today, I thought it might be nice to capture the space in which we all got dressed, did our hair and makeup, and checked to be sure no unwanted bits were poking through dresses before sending our dear friend down the aisle.

I immediately thought it would be fun to use the Reign Chanel Closet (Decorated), a Rare gacha that I randomly scored a few years ago. It came out in one of The Arcade rounds of 2017 and can still be found on Marketplace through a few individual sellers.

After rezzing it, I wanted to add some specific bridal touches to it. Besides white, the bride’s colors were purple and blue. I found a lovely crystal garland from Half Deer that came with color change bows, which worked perfectly, as well as a Forever & Always string lights from Moss & Mink that I placed on the blank wall at the bottom of the stairwell.

I added the Dream Mirror in silver from Elm in front of the white round dressing podium of my own creation. The A style dress from The House of Brides gacha by Dead Dollz, served as a decor stand-in for the bride’s own dress. The hung dresses and shoes seen in the background are all included in the Reign Chanel Closet.

I wanted Jesie to have a space to sit and get ready, where her mom could fuss with her hair last minute, so I chose the Dust Bunny Violet Vanity to serve this purpose. Since I already had the fatpack, I rounded out this little corner under the stairs with the mirror, fur chair, and makeup decor that comes with it.

And for the bridal party seating, I ended up tinting pieces of furniture so that they would match with the bride’s color scheme. Sometimes tinting items doesn’t work so well but I found that the Nutmeg Chesterfield Sofa Group Gift and the Audrey Chairs (white) by Trompe Loeil absorbed the colors just fine.

Of course, to calm the pre-wedding jitters, one must have a little drinkie and some snacks. I wanted some that actually dispensed said drinks and snacks with good bento poses, and these did not disappoint. The Champagne Dispenser set (Rose) from Strawberry was really a really lovely addition to the center table. Also seen and used were the Chez Moi Nantucket Appetizers Tray and the Akaesha Pearl Cupcake Giver. Scattered about the center island on which the snacks and drinks sat, are the rose petals from the Rose Petal Heart by Special Moments.

I hadn’t thought up to this point about having a bridal suite for a pre-wedding venue in Second Life. It was an honor to create this space for Jesie and spend time in it with her family and friends before the wedding.

A pulled back sweeping view of the space

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