Gothic Romance

When I laid eyes on the ChiMia Oak Four Poster bed, it conjured up notions of a gothic romance in my head and immediately wanted to create a scene for it. The gorgeous Paname apartment and Hera Iris curtains, also by ChiMia, contributed greatly to the setting.

The bed set, which includes the traveling trunk seen in the pic as well as three works of art, is available now through February 15th at the Flourish Sales Studio event. The Paname Apartment and Hera Iris curtains can be found inworld at the ChiMia store or on Marketplace (links below). The bed, trunk and curtains have color options so you can customize them to your tastes. The Paname Apartment lets in a lot of light through several well place skylights, which is so wonderful. I chose the bright white version of the apartment to complete the scene, but it also comes in Oak Wood, Midnight Blue, and a fabulously decadent Gold Dipped version.

And of course, one must have the proper clothing. The Candy Kitten All Yours dress, available at the current round of Fameshed, seemed to do the trick. And the topper, the Breathless Hearts pose by Gravity Poses, available at POSEvent, helped me realize my romantic notions.

Romantic notions

ChiMia: Oak Four Poster Bed, Art Frame Small [Wood], Supreme Travelling Trunk–available at Flourish Sales Studio Event until Feb 15thL:
ChiMia: Paname Apartment [Bright White], Hera Iris Curtains [color change]–available at main store: or on MP:

Worn: Candy Kitten All Yours Dress–available at the current round of Fameshed:
Pose Gravity Poses – Breathless Hearts– available now at POSEvent

Also in pic: Truth Eternity Hair, Atelier Burgundy + KraftWork Tate Set . Wide Square Rug Type 1
Nutmeg. Getaway Chandelier Gift, Writing Desk, Chippendale Chair, Forgotten Library Candles, Side Table, Bust, Books, and Fancy Decor: Leaning Art
, LOVE Winter Trees

*Post sponsored by ChiMia* Thank you!

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