Blue Skies, Vacation Vibes

It’s been so dark and rainy in my part of the world that when I saw Scarlet Creative selling their Sonoma Villa and Pool for 75L, I went and snatched it up so I could create a sunny getaway for myself! The Pool add-on is terrific and serves to perfectly showcase some fabulous items from Crate, including the Lilly Lounge which is available at this round of Equal 10 until March 6th.

Crate Lilly Lounge available at Equal 10

The terrazzo type floor of the Sonoma House Pool add-on is so complimentary to the lovely colors of the Crate Lilly lounge. As expected the texture and detail on the cushions is on point.

Crate Lilly Lounge Cushion Detail

In the background you can see Crate’s Cabo bar, which is a really fun set and definitely adds a sunny vacation vibe to any outdoor space.

Crate Cabo Bar detail

Also seen are items from Crate’s Boho Porch Set, a gacha, which includes a hanging bench, chimera, and cactus, prickly pear, tulip table and candle tray that can be seen in the background. The Chimera’s fire and the candle on the tray is clickable on/off which is always nice.

Cactus, Chimera, and Hanging Bench from Crate’s Boho Porch Set Gacha

Lastly, take a peek at the ceiling of the Sonoma Villa Pool Add-on, the tile detail of it is such a nice touch and really adds something special to it. I definitely think I’ll lounge here for a bit before working on my next post!

Credits and Links:
Crate Lilly Lounge available at Equal 10 in both PG and Adult:
Crate Boho Porch Set gacha and Cabo Bar:

Scarlet Creative Sonoma Villa and Pool only 75L until midnight on Feb 16th (normally 1299L):

Also seen in pic: MINIMAL – Monstera Cactus 3, Concept 04. Visual Cactus
Worn: Stealthic Clarity Hair, Vanilla Bae Vivien Swim
suit and Coverup Skirt

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