I like pink and don’t pick my stuff up off the floor. Come at me, brah…

I am a grown woman. Most of the time I am known to be a rational, level headed person. Most…of the time. However, super cute items with a sense of whimsy and joy, especially those that are pink or pastel colored cause me to regress to a pre-teen like state of squeeing.

All the items seen in the images on this page do that. Some of those that are fairly new releases are Lagom’s Shopaholics Desk and Octobabies and Moonlights. Crate’s Vaporwave TV set also sparks joy as well. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Lagom Shopaholics Desk Set: Comes with boxes/laptop/stringlights/bags as all one piece. Ladder with Dress and Shopaholic sign are included as standalone items.

Details are my jam, and the items in the desk set are so well done. From the labels on the boxes, to the lace and label on the hanging dress. So nice! See for yourself below (click on pic to enlarge):

I defy you to look into the eyes of an Octobaby or ponder the moonlight and not smile! Cool thing about the moonlights, they have three different lighting options, love that. I am partial to the sparkly one seen below.

Another item that is super fun is crate’s Vaporwave TV. It’s got changing, animated channels that are fun to watch and really fab details. A lot of thought went into this creation. I adore “electronic” items in Second Life that “plug” into the wall like this one. Also, the incense emits smoke, the neon banana, teeny piano on the shelf, and the controllers extending onto the floor are delightful.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the adorable background for this post, which is the Onsu “Princeton” House in White. I snatched it up when it was being given away as a free group gift. It’s so well done and comes with a Details Hud that allows you to customize just about everything. The rug on the floor seen in previous images is also part of the house and can be toggled on/off. My favorite detail is the chinoiserie wallpaper in this room, also with customizable options. Take a look at the pretty pretty detail of it below.

Detail of the Chinoiserie Wallpaper of the Onsu Princeton House

Sponsored Items and Links:
Shopaholics Desk, Octobabies, and Moonlights by Lagom: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magical/85/87/1971
Vaporwave TV by crate: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lyrics/78/120/37

Other Items Credits:
Onsu Princeton House
In room: JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection: Wanderer, Elm. Dream Mirror w/ Clouds [Silver], Half-Deer Princess Crown Wall Decor (Gold) (on door), Dahlia – Being Home gacha- Scarf & Glove, HAIKEI GET BEDDD / GACHA / 2-C and 5, NOIR+MIDNA Rose Office Gacha – Frame 03 and 04, Plant 01 and 02, Half-Deer Heart Glitter – Silver (on floor), Half-Deer Rose Petal Heart w/ Lights (White) (on wall), HAIKEI Nostalgia For Autumn gacha 7, Merak Sparkly Balloon Gift, Ariskea [Yes!Happiness] Journal of Flowers, Ariskea [Petite Paris] Wall Frame and Oh lala Frame, Soy Vintage lace curtain C-type (white), TeaBunny Moonicorn Lounger, BLACK NEST Hohto Grey T-Shirt, White Panties, Pink Shirt (on floor), Nutmeg Charming Zen Camisole Clutter (on floor), Noir Not Today Cupid Gacha My Vallentine Pink, Dahlia Lazy Days Hot Water Bottle – Mint 13
In Hall: hive wooden console table . light, KraftWork Runner Rugs . Boho Set , keke my funny valentine . 1 white
Worn: DOUX – Aluna hairstyle, Candy Doll Dana Shorts and Top, Half Deer Sweet Dream Slippers Llama, alaskametro Bonfire Eyeshadow

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