Lagom…take me away!

Lagom has done it again, with the cute bath clutter set now available at the current round of Liason Collaborative, which runs through March 10th. A perfect beginning to the weekend, their signature pink tones and sweet details throughout the set make for a lovely bath time scene.

The set has everything you need, complete with an assortment of bath bombs, shampoo, sponge and bath petals, back scrubber, shelf, champagne and chocolates, and even bath towels on the floor!

Lagom’s Bath Clutter set available at Liason Collaborative through March 10th

I set out my Haikei Get Bedd House Rare gacha, which has a lovely little bathroom with fabulous windows and used Fancy Decor’s Crane bathtub to get my soak on. The pose in the title image is from the bathtub animations, however I substituted my own glass of champagne for the auto attach wine that occurs with it. Below are some closeups of some of the sweet details in this set.

Go treat yourself! You deserve it! Lagom’s Bath Clutter Set at Liason Collaborative. Here’s your taxi:

Other Credits:
Haikei Get Bedd Gacha Rare House
Fancy Decor Crane Bathtub (Adult)
Tram Hair H0813

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