Flying High with the Kurva Sofa

Special thank you to MYSA, a new sponsor! I am so happy to bring you their new Kurva Sofa available at the new Uber Hometown Event, now through March 16th. When I saw this gorgeous sofa, I thought immediately of pairing it with the shelf, statement mirror, and objects from the MudHoney Zira gacha, as they all have a sleek modern look about them.

I like to combine old and new and both the MYSA sofa and MudHoney set look fabulous with Haikei’s Like a Humid Day RARE Gacha House (from 2017 but still looking amazing) and some already in my inventory greenery. I’ve also included couple other weekend sale items I picked up, which I’ll talk about later in the post.

Mysa’s Kurva Sofa available at the current round of Under Hometown

Sometimes with furniture in Second Life you have to chose between form and function. Not with this new MYSA sofa. The Kurva sofa comes with several cushion, blanket, pillow options to choose from, is textured very well…and the pose menu….very extensive, top notch and so much fun!

Close up of Kurva Sofa, Dark Grey cushions and Brown pillows/blankets options shown, but there are so many to choose from! It also comes with an ottoman, not pictured here.

MudHoney’s Zira Gacha is a sophisticated edition to any modern home. The Zira shelf is a great piece that has multiple uses, the mirror is a standout statement item, and the decorative bits are well done. My favorites in this set are the candle, geode, and bowl seen below.

Left to right: Geode, Bowl, and Candle from the MudHoney Zira Gacha Set. Also seen on table is Hollywood Dreams gacha Books (common) from Architect.

Also featured in today’s post are Feb 20th Saturday Sale items from Pitaya and Jian. The Pitaya Arched Floor Lamp (seen behind the sofa) is fatpack style, with 6 different finishes. The Jian Ball Python collection (background center) is insanely cool, it has a clickable on/off animated snake and vapor stream. I picked up both items for only 75L. Quite a deal. If you are not a member of the The Saturday Sale Group, I’d recommend becoming one. Lots of fabulous deals to be had that you don’t want to miss. (If you are seeing this on Sunday, go see if they are still there!)

Sponsored Item Credits:
MYSA Kurva Sofa, available at Uber Hometown:
MudHoney Zira Obsidian Crystal Gacha, available at the mainstore:

Other items seen in post:
Pitaya Arched Floor Lamp (Saturday Sale)
Jian Ball Python Collection (Saturday Sale)
Haikei Like a Humid Day Gacha RARE (House) , Trompe Loeil Audrey’s Table Metal, Architect. Hollywood Dreams gacha Books (common), and ::no13::007 wood & iron woodtable

Plants: Hive Kentia Palm Plant, Swiss Cheese and Cordyline Tree, Concept SAL Grey Pot, Apple Fall Banana Tree, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Baby Fiddle Leaf (new group gift), Cinoe Under the Sun Potted Plant, Scarlet Creative Darcy Plant, and Kalopsia – Pia’s Glass Vase (w/ plant)

Worn: Blueberry Tank Top (Group Gift), Truth Alias Hair, Tres Blah Scrunched Sweats – Chic

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