Saturday in the Sun is so Right with WRONG!

WRONG has come out with several outdoor pieces that make setting up a fun summer home easy peasy! Take a dip in their Donut pool during the day and cozy up in a media equipped pergola for a good cuddle and movie at night in the Pergola Sirius set. The Sirius set is available now at the new Uber Hometown event through March 16th. The Donut Pool is available at the current round of Equal10 through March 5th.

WRONG’s Sirius Pergola and Donut Pool sets a summer scene along with other poolside decor items from my inventory (Full Credits at the end of the blog)

The Pergola Sirius has both light and dark options. I am showing the light one in this post. The rug with cushions comes in multiple light or dark options as well! It’s also available in PG or Adult. I love the detail of the wrinkling on the rug and textures of the pillows, very nice. I tested the TV and it works without a hitch. The curtains add a lovely breezy feel.

Love texture “feels” I get from the pillows and wrinkles in the rug.

The Donut Pool is a fun piece, coming with donut floaties in several color options, a sunken seating area with fire for nighttime ambience if you want it. The teal on the cushions is such a happy and energetic color. The header image with me diving into the pool is one of the dive animations in the pool. And Shane is sitting in a pose included on the floating donut. So much fun!

I love that WRONG has made these pieces simple and clean, allowing you to add your own personality and style to them with decor. In this scene, I also placed the super cute What Next Cooler Camper, which is on sale this weekend, such a joyful little piece to have by the pool.

What Next Camper Cooler on sale for Fifty Linden Fridays. The Bikini Point sign is a group gift from KraftWork. KraftWork has a lot of really nice group gifts if you haven’t joined the group and got them yet, I’d recommend it!

Sponsored Item Credits:
WRONG Donut Pool available at Equal10 through March 5th:
WRONG PERGOLA SIRIUS available at Uber Hometown through March 16th:

Other Credits:
What Next Camper Cooler (on sale for Fifty Linden Friday but check might still be there):
Bee designs A Day At The Beach Gacha 7 (sign on pool), Half-Deer Life Preserver Ring, What Next Summertime Radio Decor and Seashell and Pineapple Drink Dispenser, Merak Closed Umbrella, Pool Towel Rack, and Pool Balls Basket, Bee Designs Boho Decor Gacha 6 & 7 (Cushion and Guitar inside pergola), KraftWork Bikini Point GIFT, hive falling coconuts sign, Your Dreams Relaxing Shower Flip Flops (Blue on pool edge and Pink inside pergola), hive large palm plant (inside pergola), MERAK Xmas Movie Night Gacha 4 (inside pergola), Cheeky Pea Margarita Beach Tiki Torch, KIDD long grass, DaD Pebbles, 3D TREES Palm Trees, and Studio Skye EPIC Waterfall Wall

Worn: Lagom Plage Tropicale [Esmeralda Swimset] RARE
Clawtooth Rainy Day Hair

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