In the Still of the Night

When your backyard backs up to the woods, there’s nothing like peeking out the window in the quiet of the night and spotting deer enjoying a leisurely rest stop. Now, spotting a bear may be another story. Thankfully, there are no bears where I live!

The Rest Zone by WRONG is the perfect outdoor venue in which to chill, watch some Netflix, or just quietly listen to the sounds of nature. This piece was at an earlier round of Uber, but can now be found at the main store inworld.

The Rest Zone comes in light or dark wood. The wood and stonework are really well done. I love the detailing between the wood beams and the roof, reminiscent of antlers, that gives it that extra woodland vibe.

The furniture has a slated base and leather upholstery, also lending a rugged outdoor vibe, but still sophisticated. There is a blanket that drapes nicely on the sofa, and the fabric of it and the cushion are a nice neutral design that will go nicely with other decor.

Closeup of the Sofa and coffee table of the Rest Zone by WRONG. Coffee table decor from my inventory, credits at the end of the blog.

The fireplace is created as an open space, giving you the freedom to insert fire logs or candles or well, whatever you want! I went with fire logs I had in my inventory from FAYDED. There are a steal and 50L on Marketplace and fill the space nicely. I added Half Deer basic string lights along the wood beams at the sides and also hung an antler chandelier by Pretty Props. Y’all, this chandelier is only 40L on marketplace, the lights click on/off, has 3LI, and you get 3 different colors in the pack. What a steal!

Antler Chandelier by Pretty Props
FAYDED Fire logs

One final bargain for you, the animated deer family seen in the main image are only 80L on marketplace and make a lovely addition to any woodland setting. Both the male and female deer bend their heads gently to the ground to feed and gracefully lift them back up again, which is a wonderful, and I find, calming sight to see.

Sponsored Item Credits:
Rest Zone by Wrong:

Other Credits:
On coffee table: KraftWork Magnolia Nuts Bowl, Fancy Decor: Birch Candles, and
Atelier Burgundy + KraftWork Tate Set . Decorative Wood Bowl
Half Deer Basic String Lights
Pretty Props Antler Chandelier:
FAYDED fire logs:

LOVE 1 prim forest
Little Branch Crispy Grass
Animated Deer Family:

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