Up to Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere

I’ve been struggling the last few days with the blogger equivalent of writer’s block. I think because I am fairly new to blogging, I still feel the need to prove myself as a blogger and make each post bigger and better than the next. It’s pressure only from myself, I know this. So….I decided to chill, just hang out and allow the creative juices to simmer a bit.

In search of chill, I rezzed crate’s Heavenly Hemp Bench in aqua on the edge of the shoreline at my place. It also comes in a purple version. Playing with the poses, I stumbled into a fun scene. Sometimes when you are up to nothing, you catch something.

crate’s Heavenly Hemp Bench Closeup, original shot, no photoshop filters, so you can see true colors

Like all things crate this one has fun details, the graffiti on the sides of the vending machine is fabulous. I can’t get enough of that panda!

On crate’s packaging is a lovely sentiment “created with the best intentions.” I love this and it’s really what my motive is with my blog. Some of my posts will be better than others, but hopefully you will always feel the care with which I create them. And if you are putting pressure on yourself with anything (especially something creative), remember sometimes something wonderful happens when you are doing nothing, so give yourself a break. Till the next time!

Sponsored Item Credits:
crate Heavenly Hemp Bench: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lyrics/78/120/39

Other Credits:
FurtaCor Nadia Top, RKKN Leah Military Pants Camo, tram G0819, Semller – Worn Canvas Hi Tops Tape Edt Cream, Lelutka Gum Gum Boom

Published by slchloeq

I am a blogger in the virtual world of Second Life. My main interest is in home decor.

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