Lazy Afternoon…but I really meant to do the laundry, I swear!

Having visited the latest round of Uber and indulged myself in a few purchases, I was ready to come home and chill in a laid back environment. I love cluttered, “lived-in” looking decor scenes, but often have a little trouble fighting my inner drive toward clean minimalism in order to create them (and possibly a tendency to be Type A). Something I am working on! The cluttered, lived-in decor scene thing, that is…I’ve accepted and am at peace with my Type A tendencies.

MudHoney’s laundry set, along with their Vega Dresser set, and MYSA’s Sova Bed help create this lived-in look in the Scarlet Creative Ana Loft. Scruffster, a Jian Southern Sheltie, sleeps the day away at the foot of the bed.

MudHoney’s Laundry set, available at their main store, is so helpful in helping you create that messy, lived-in feel that is so fun to see in Second Life. It comes with so many items of clothing, in both “floor” and “ledge” options. The ledge option lets you lay the clothes over the edge of furniture, which is key to achieving that lived-in look. It also comes with a laundry basket overflowing with clothes, as seen below.

The laundry basket overfloweth!

I positioned some of the “ledge” option clothes on top of MudHoney’s Vega Dresser Set. All the decor seen, except the clothing and camera, come with the Vega Dresser Set. A wonderful thing about this set is you have lots of options to choose from in terms of wood or paint finish as well as different metal options for the drawer pulls, which makes it a classic, yet versatile piece to have.

MudHoney’s Vega Dresser Set, with a pair of socks and t-shirt hanging off its edge. The vintage camera is from Fancy Decor.

Also cozy comfy and lived-in looking is the MYSA Sova Bed seen fully in the main images. It’s available in PG and Adult versions at MYSA’s main store. I love that this bed has wood frame, pillow and blanket options as well as an abundance of fabulous bento poses, including the reading one in the main title image annnnnd….sleeping under the covers!

Grab a few winks…or like Shane, lay awake pondering when you are going to do that laundry, but at least you’ll be nice and warm under the covers! I am wearing the cute, new No Match hair No Hugs, available at the current round of Uber.

The Sova bed set also comes with a nightstand which you can texture change to match whichever style frame you choose for the bed. I really like the distressing detail on the metal and the wood grain on both pieces.

On top of the nightstand is Cinoe’s Busket radio, KraftWork’s Everyday Life Clutter set and Acrid’s Slender Vase. Below the nightstand are a set of books that are a gift to group members of Atelier Burgundy and Sari-Sari’s Boehmian Summer Magazine Stand

Inspired by the industrial feel of the Scarlet Creative Ana Loft, which I covered extensively in a previous post, I decided to hang the MYSA Industrial Frames up above the bed. The pulley feature on this really gives it an authentic style.

Le sigh….Guess I’ll go do the laundry now!

Sponsored Item Credits:
MYSA Sova Bed Adult, Industrial Frames:
MudHoney Vega Dresser Set, Laundry Full Set:

No Match No Hugs and Dead Doll Lounge Bralette and Briefs, both at the current round of Uber:

Other Credits:
Scarlet Creative Ana Loft Skybox
YouNeed! Orb ceiling lamp – Nevi BLACK
JIAN Southern Shelties Gacha 8. Sleeping Sheltie
malone rug
Sari-Sari – Bohemian Summer – Magazine Stand
Acrid Slender Vase
Cinoe Busket radio
KraftWork Everyday Life Clutter in Fall option
Atelier Burgundy Books (gift)
Concept Good Vibes Metal Pot
[MMc] Guitar & Stand-Strat-Black
BIGBULLY City Map Prints – Istanbul, Turkey – COMMON
Fancy Decor: Davidson Framed Map and Vintage Camera
Elm. Men’s Grooming Kit – Beard Oil & Balm
Mithral Wall Frame Planter (Metal Pack) and Monstera Peru (Pack C)

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