Deco(c)rate Sneak Peek and Weekend Sales Recap!

Oh foliage in Second Life, how do I love thee?! Greenery always adds that extra special something, making your home feel like a home. Mithral Apothecary has always been one of my go-to stores for plants, so I am so thrilled to be able to bring you a sneak peek of their Wall Planter Display that will be included in this spring’s Deco(c)rate along with some of the super sales items I snatched up this weekend!

In the main image seen below, I have showcased Mithral’s Wall Planter Display with the TROPIX Street Door Step BackDrop that I got on sale this weekend for 75Ls. The Tropix backdrop is a wonderful piece for photographers and bloggers alike, and is available in 6 different options.

Mithral Wall Planter Display in two-tone option B, hung outside on the Tropix Street Door Step BackDrop

This Wall Planter Display by Mithral works well outside or inside. I selected one of the three two-toned options available for the outside scene above. It also has six other single-color options, for a total of nine! Yes, nine coloring options! That means, whatever your decor style, you are sure to find one that works.

Also on sale this weekend, the Scarlet Creative Monteverde House, for 75Ls. This home is so chic and a must buy for beach house lovers. I created a little reading nook in the house with MudHoney’s Briar Beanbag (one of my favorite comfy chairs), the classic Zoete arch lamp from Loft & Aria, and beautiful abstract canvases from Fancy Decor. I went with the blush single-color option on the Mithral Wall Planter Display this time and I think it looks gorgeous.

The Mithral Wall Planter Display, in blush, available in this Spring’s Deco(c)rate, at home in the Scarlet Creative Monteverde House.

I am not going to share ALL the options included for the Mithral Wall Planter Display as you want some surprise when opening your Deco(c)rate, don’t you?! However, I do want to share a close-up with you of the vase style and one of the plants in the set. Mithral items are always created with a tremendous attention to detail and this one is no exception. The single colors still have variation and texture and the leaves of the plants are lovingly detailed. So wonderful!

Check out the detail and texture of Mithral’s Wall Planter Display–delightful!

You can pre-order your Deco(c)rate now through March 14th for 50% off! After that, it will be full price. Also, Deco(c)rate also has a new in-world group just for Deco(c)rate fans. Join and grab the adorable free gift! You can find out all you need to know about Deco(c)rate here:

Sponsored Item Credits:
Mithral Apothecary’s Wall Planter Display, available in the Spring Deco(c)rate, there is a kiosk to purchase the Deco(c)rate at Mithral’s main store: or at the Deco(c)rate Headquarter’s:
MudHoney Briar Beanbag Chairs: full post, links, seen here:

Weekend Sale Item Credits:
Tropix Street Door Step BackDrop:
Scarlet Creative Monteverde Home:

Other Item Credits:
JIAN Silly Shibes II Black and Tan Wander Pup
Fancy Decor Abstract Canvases
ChiMia Magazine Stack [Light]
Scarlet Creative Monteverde Curtains – Jute, White Sofa, and Rug (Patterned Blue)
Bee Designs Boho Decor Gacha 10 (seen above fireplace)

Tres Blah Flared Jeans, FurtaCor Nadia Top, Petite Mort Navajo Sandals
No Match No Hugs hair, available at current round of Uber:
Tentacio Funny Life Gacha Mom Call Me (phone in hand)

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