Sneak Peek of Your Dreams of Spring!

Your Dreams sneak peek, coming soon. This item includes a large corner palette sofa, basket of tulips, bird’s nest, and vinca basket. The colors are reminiscent of a lovely spring afternoon in full bloom.

I love the wood grain and the “burned in” logo on the palette sofa, which also has cute pillows piled on it. The detailing of the tulip petals is incredible and I just adore the love birds in their nest watching over their eggs.

Inspired by that color palette of the Your Dreams set, I immediately thought of the sweet items available from Lagom to help create a dreamy scene. The Lagom Butterflies and Petalrains helped to create a dreamy background for the piece.

Wide shot of the Your Dreams Westwing Set along with Lagom’s Butterflies and Petalrains (the light streams and petals floating down from the treetops).

Lagom’s Butterflies simply must be seen up close to appreciate the care in detail that has gone into their creation. They are slightly transparent and I think will work beautifully inside as well as outside a home. They come in a variety of pretty pastel colors such as white, blue, purple and pink, and in a choice of single or dual toned.

Bargain alert! The Mesh & More Bunny seen in the foreground by the Basket of Tulips is only 29Ls on MP and makes for an adorable addition to any spring time scene.

Sponsored Item Credits:
Your Dreams items: coming soon, be on the lookout for it!

Lagom Butterflies and Lagom Petalrains: available at the main store:

Other Credits:
Little Branch Red Bradford Tree and Weeping Willow Tree
Onsu Princeton House
Mesh & More White Rabbit, available on Marketplace:

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