Deco(c)rate Sneak Peek, Embracing Simplicity with Minimal

Minimal has created a darling piece called the Flower Passageway for Deco(c)rate. So many possibilities with this one! The passageway can be used as part of an estate garden, addition to an existing home, or a pleasant throughway to a waterside pier. I can even picture it as a wonderful wedding archway right out of a Jane Austen novel like Sense & Sensibility.

The Flower Passageway by Minimal for this spring’s Deco(c)rate

The piece itself is such a standout, I didn’t want to distract from it with a lot of other things, so I embraced the idea of simplicity. The thought of horses wandering an estate is so dreamy, so I went in search of some that wouldn’t break the bank. Luckily, I was able to find all the horses seen in the images on Marketplace for a bargain! The horse I am standing next to comes with that pose for only 100L. The others are 10L to 99L. I love the walking horse, which adds a lovely sense of movement. The quality of these animals is outstanding, especially for the price. Links are below in the credits.

Seen under the archway are a pair of chairs from Kalopsia’s contribution to Deco(c)rate, called “Charlie’s Garden Set.” Completing the scene are Primavera in Toscana Clay Gacha Pots, grass from Fundati, trees from HPMD, and dirt pathway from Roots. The gated fence in the background is the Tuscan fence from Goose.

A closer peek a Minimal’s Flower Passageway and the Kalopsia Charlie Garden Chair (2 chair and multiple pillow options)

Make haste if you haven’t ordered your Deco(c)rate yet! Only 2 more days remain to get it for 50% off! After March 14th, it will be full price. Also, Deco(c)rate also has a new in-world group just for Deco(c)rate fans. Join and grab the adorable free gift! You can find out all you need to know about Deco(c)rate here:

Sponsored Item Credits:
Minimal’s Flower Passageway and Kalopsia’s Charlie Garden Chairs, exclusively for the Spring Deco(c)rate, there is a kiosk to purchase the Deco(c)rate at Minimal’s main store: or at the Deco(c)rate Headquarter’s:

Other Item Credits:
HPMD Shrub 3 NEW at main store: secondlife://HAPPYMOOD/88/92/23 (seen by pots and behind the Flower passageway)
3D Trees: Poplar aspen SEASONAL
Fundati’s Great Grass fatpack
GOOSE – Tuscan fence
Primavera in Toscana Clay Pots
Spotted Brown Grazing Horse (10Ls!):
Brown Walking Horse:
Grey Grazing Horse:
Brown Standing Horse Prop, Patting Horse:

Tres blah flared jeans
Pixicat Lilly Top Flowered Small
No Match No Hugs Hair, at current round of Uber:

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