Deco(c)rate Sneak Peek, Happiness is Homegrown…with Your Dreams

Being the eager beaver blogger that I am…I may have snatched something out of the Deco(c)rate before it was ready for prime time. You saw a teeny sneak peek in an earlier post, but now I am happy to give you the fully sanctioned sneak of the Westwing Corner set by Your Dreams for Deco(c)rate. If you have not ordered your Deco(c)rate yet, for the love of all that is decor go get it now while it’s half price! Here’s your taxi to the Deco(c)rate Headquarters:

The Westwing Sofa, Chair, and Table seen inside the Hisa English Garden Shed (an amazing Group Gift from Hisa)

The Westwing corner set consists of a lovely sofa, chair, coffee table that are seen above. You might also see items that seem familiar to you…the sweet as pie lovebird’s nest, tulip basket, and vinca basket. You can see closeups of the flowers and bird’s nest in one of my earlier posts here (coloring is different due to windlight used).

A closer look at the chair/coffee table included in the Westwing corner set. I love the detailing on the coffee table legs. If you are a follower of this blog you might recognize the bird’s nest and tulip basket in this scene as well from an earlier post , they are included in the Westwing Corner Set.

One thing that makes furniture and decor seem more “real” are those imperfections we see on them in real life, and something I so appreciate that creators do in Second Life. When something that is supposed to be soft is too perfectly squared off, it just doesn’t seem quite right. Take a look at a closeup of the chair below, I love love love the detail on the cushion. It looks like someone has sat in it before and that it is actually stuffed. The stitching is especially pleasing to the eye!

From the stitching on the cushions to the woodgrain of the chair frame and table, the Westwing Corner set from Your Dreams is lovingly crafted.

Now, if you are not a group member of Hisa you are missing out. The English Garden Shed is a gift for group members and it is such a wonderful piece. It is so gorgeously textured in a distressed way. The flowers along the base of the shed and the vines/flowers climbing the front posts are a touch that brings a smile. Here’s another look at it below.

Hisa’s English Garden Shed StayHome Group Gift. Get. It.

So, this will be the last time I tell you…go get that Deco(c)rate at the pre-release price of 1500L. Definitely worth it for all the amazing items that you will get inside it. You can find all the info you need to know on it here: After March 14th, it bumps up to full price, 3000L.

Sponsored Item Credits from Deco(c)rate:
Your Dreams Westwing Corner: You can also order the Deco(c)rate from Your Dreams main store at:
Serenity Style Spring Colors Breakfast Tray (on coffee table–linked version with items on it)

Other Credits:
HISA – English Garden Shed and Bushes (Group Gift):
DRD – Boho Backyard – Rugs
Apple Fall Hanging Wicker Basket
Zen Creations Happiness is Homegrown Set, comes with art on wall as well as the stand with plants and pots on it seen in background (only 79Ls on MP, good deal):
KraftWork Oregon Outpost Hanging Plant
vespertine hanging succulents. – mistletoe cactus
Nutmeg Charming Zen Mugs
Little Branch RedBradFord Trees
Kidd Long Grass
CELESTE – Grunge Fence

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