Curing a Case of the Mondays

Some days, one can wake up with the blahs…a case of the Mondays. When I get those, I try to embrace the little things that bring a smile to my face and find comfort in them. Lagom’s pink, girly, cheeky vibe always does that for me. Their Messy Missy set available at the current round of Access, helped me channel that “I am just going to chill and let things fall where they may” vibe.

Staring off into space, a sure sign that you have a case of the Mondays.

Lagom’s Messy Missy set is so delightful in that it has an excellent assortment of clothing to scatter about, but also this cute cute clothing rack wrapped with lights, a dresser with not only a hoodie draped over the edge but also visible clothing in the half-opened drawer. The ottoman I am sitting in front of is also part of that set and the pose I am in is one of the animated poses on it.

The Dresser in Lagom’s Messy Missy set, one of my fave pieces. The hoodie is already on the dresser. Other items on top are from Lagom’s Gumball Babe and Gamer Girl gachas. And of course, the quintessential make you smile item, Lagom’s Octobaby.

Also in the scene from Lagom are items from their Gumball Babe and Gamer Girl gachas. These both are fabulous sets sure to chase the blues away. My fave piece from the Gamer Girl gacha is seen above on the dresser–the mannequin head with the bunny ear hat on it…delightful! Other cute items in that set are the Unicorn Tear Cereal box with lil bits of spilled cereal and the cereal bowl filled to the brim with milk and cereal.

The Gamer Girl gacha has standout pieces as well, including the bed with lighting in the headboard, the mini-fridge with drinks, and the oh-so-sweet gift box with balloons (seen in images above). You know…I think my case of the Mondays might just be dissipating!

Go grab Lagom’s Messy Missy set at the current round of Access, which is running through April 8th:

You can get the other Lagom gachas, Gumball Babe and Gamer Girl, at their main store:

Oh! I almost forgot….see that phone on the tripod in the below pic? That was a 60L Happy Weekend sale item that is still available today! There’s this piece and others from the Beginner Influencer set by Moment. Nab that while you can too!

Actual image of me trying to write a blog post. Why, yes, I am a dork.

Sponsored Item Credits:
Lagom Messy Missy set, at current round of Access:
Lagom Moonlight lamp, Gumball Babe gacha and Gamer Girl gacha, available at Lagom mainstore:

Other Item Credits:
Movement Beginner Influencer, camera on tripod: (still 60L today only)
Mui Electrified Heart (in mouth) and Mimmi Pain Collection #Your Fault (seen in top image on knee) SoKawaiiSunday sale):
Haikei Get Bedd Rare Gacha House
Half Deer Pomeranian Gacha (lay Merle)
PILOT & Can’t Even – Tea (Sleepy)
Half Deer Rainbow Neon Lights (above clothing rack)
Half Deer Simple Cloud Bright White (in background)

Sakura Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask
No Match No Hugs Hair
Candy Doll Dana Shirt Pale Rose and Dana Shorts (ombre)
Fleur Basketweave Knit Socks
Mimmi Collection #Little Hearts Face Tattoo_Lelutka at current Saki event:
I am wearing my usual head, body and skin, Lelutka Lilly and Camille skin by The Skinnery, with Spring Bloom Liv Autumn Neutral Brows, Psycho Kitty Serena’s Dream Eyes, WarPaint I Woke Up Like This, Lelutka Add-on BoM blush and freckles, and IDTTY faces eyeshadow, Lelutka Sunrise Bay 5 (was on sale this weekend)

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