Gettin’ Teaky with It!

ChiMia has put out a midcentury inspired Teak Essentials gacha that is just fabulous and is available at current round of Arcade through March 31st. I chose to furnish my new Alku Skybox from Black Nest with it and I couldn’t be more pleased! The dark walls really make the teak color pop nicely.

ChiMia’s Teak Essentials Gacha seen inside Black Nest’s Alku Skybox

The Alku Skybox has strategically placed windows separating rooms inside, giving it a more open feel. And at 22LI, it can serve as a stylish getaway, date night escape, or second home if you are one who enjoys having more than one space on your land. Speaking of date night, that’s me killing the first bottle of wine as we move into the second hour of analysis of the new Justice League movie. Shane is talkative with a pose from WRONG’s 128-2 pack, available at their main store. The look on my face says it all. My pose is from Junk Food and comes with the wine glass and bottle.

When your date decides to talk about the new Justice League movie while you are standing there barely clothed. At least I am surrounded by pretty furniture!

The side table seen below is one of my favorite pieces in the set. I love the texture used on the wood, really captures the feel of this type of furniture so well.

ChiMia Teak Essentials Side Table

I got the idea to put two of the shelves together and much to my delight they combined rather seamlessly. The shelves have lots of space for books, plants, or decorative objects you may have collected in your inventory.

Two of the shelves that fit together rather seamlessly. Love it!

Lastly, the RARE settee is stylish and seats up to 4. I love the subtle curve of the wood on the back and the subdued pattern of the fabric. The coffee table with it’s glass top is true to that snazzy midcentury style as well.

If you are a fan of Mad Men or mod style, go to The Arcade and get yourself this set, you won’t be disappointed.

Sponsored Item Credits:
ChiMia Teak Essentials Gacha available at the current round of The Arcade through March 31st:
MudHoney Vega Vases, Candle, and Boxes (also seen here) and MudHoney Rae Knot, Rae Book (part of the Rae entryway set) available at main store:
WRONG Bento Static Male Poses 128-2 available at the main store:

Other Item Credits:
Black Nest Alku Skybox available at the current round of Fameshed through March 27th:
::no13:: 004 wood & iron incense HARINOKI (gacha)
Apple Fall Design Books
Apple Fall ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015
Apple Fall Globe w/ Books
Architect Hollywood Dreams Books
riskea Eucalyptus Branches Vase 2 (group gift)
Ariskea Succulent Plant Silver (group gift)
Atelier Burgundy Books (group gift)
Atelier Burgundy + KraftWork Tate Set gacha Abstract Darkness (art above TV)
ChiMia Flatscreen TV
Cinoe Busket radio
Concept Bring Jar big
Concept Well wood bowls
Concept Siracusa Plates
Dreamland Designs Birch Lane Banana Planter
Fancy Decor Garnet Wine
Fancy Decor Cowhide Rug
Fancy Decor Catch-All
KraftWork Puget Sound Sculptures
KraftWork Zen Refuge gacha Buddha Vase
kunst Ashtray, Cigarettes box, lighter
kunst Pro speaker gold metals
kunst Tube Amplifier, CD pile #1, CDRs pile #3, Vinyl albums pile #1 and #2
Minimal Plant Collection Gacha #1, #06, #12
Mithral Bowl Planter
Mithral Dwarf Umbrella Tree
Mithral Monstera Peru
Mithral String of Hearts Bottle Flat, Hanging
Prestige Furniture Remote Control
Sleepy Eddy Headphones
what next Pile of Photos decor

On Him: amias ROBE male
On Her: Dhoma Helen Lingerie
Rosary Femme Robe
Monso Liv Hair, available at the current round of Fameshed:

On Him: WRONG Bento Static Male Poses 128-2, see Sponsored Items Credit for link!
On Her: Junk Food Wine Pour Bottle:

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