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Spring is in full bloom–at Bloom, a new event! MudHoney’s Della Rattan Chairs are the perfect compliment to any outdoor space and they are available now through April 3rd. I love that with a touch you can change the color of the chair itself, and on the chair with pillows version you also have multiple options for the blanket and both pillows. Keep scrolling to see some different options.

MudHoney’s Della Rattan Chairs in white, shown with the Broken Arrows Bloom Set Fatpack, both available at the Bloom Event.

In the main image seen above, placed the chairs in Dust Bunny’s Woodland Dreams Makeshift Gazebo, a sweet piece for spring. I also included the Bloom Set Fatpack, by Broken Arrows. This gorgeous consists of the teapot, hat on the table and the various tea cups with macarons, it’s just delightful.

Broken Arrows Bloom Set also available at the Bloom Event

Let’s take a look at a couple of the other options for the MudHoney Della Rattan Chairs. Next I chose to use the black option on the chairs, and change up the blanket, pillow combo as well. This option gives the chairs a nice modern feel and they look fabulous on the deck of the YouNeed Container Home.

MudHoney Della Rattan Chairs in Black.

And for that classic dark rattan look, I placed the chair in the outside balcony space of the Concept Los Altos house…I do love the yellow blanket with green and white pillow combos here a lot. The chair also comes with an extensive menu of poses, so you’ve got a sit for every mood!

MudHoney Della Rattan Chair in Dark.

There is also a light version, which I’ll let you discover yourself and many other possible color combos for these chairs. I am a big fan of always having options. So get down to the Bloom event and get ’em!

Sponsored Item Credits:
MudHoney Della Rattan Chairs available at bloom event now until April 3rd:

Other Item Credits:
Broken Arrows – Bloom Set Fatpack (Rose Hat, Pile & Macarons, Cup & Macarons, Pile, Teapot)
Dust Bunny Woodland Dreams Makeshift Gazebo
22769 – Patio Rug (Backyard Patio Gacha)
KP Builds aqua tablecloth with white rose lace (only 49L!):
LOVE – Elowen Tree, Elowen Ground Leaves – Berry (in background)

In Black Chair pic: YouNeed Container House, Concept Good Vibes Metal Pot
In Dark Chair pic: Concept Los Altos house

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