Modern Minimalism: Good, and anything but Bland

Sometimes when I’ve had a busy week running here and there, I love to come home to a clean, minimal space to recover from the noise and chaos. I scored the fabulous Haikei Good & Bland Rare skybox gacha at the current round of the Harajuku event through April 10th. It has such wonderful architectural details which I wanted to honor, so decided to furnish it minimally. While pondering what to use, I noticed the sets from Kazza I’ve collected for 60L over the past several Happy Weekends worked really nicely to create a clean minimal, warm, hygge feel with a hint of the tropical. Let’s take a tour through this little gem, shall we?

Entryway: KAZZA Studio lounge Divani – window and banana palm, MudHoney Rae Ottoman, Console Table, Short and Tall Vases, and Fancy Decor’s Luann Sculpture and Catch-all

The entryway wall above is a nice little area for a console, like the minimal one from MudHoney’s Rae Entryway set, as well as some decor elements and a catch-all for your small items. Moving through the entry hall, I placed Kazza’s Studio lounge set. The lamps and banana palms from this set are ones I use repeatedly–love these pieces. Round and slatted windows are a unique feature of the Haikei Good and Bland skybox that really add a modern feel to the space.

KAZZA Studio lounge Divani set. The table and lamp in this set are some of my favorite go-to items for minimalist decor.
KAZZA Studio lounge Divani – divan, banana palm, lamp and the sweet steps moving up into the living area of the Haikei Good and Bland Skybox

As you ascend the steps from the entryway, the skybox opens up into the living room area and the rest of the skybox, providing an nice open space to chill out and hang. The archways separating the living area, hallway with bathroom access, and back bedroom space are a favorite feature.

Seen in the living area: KAZZA Party! let’s Go! – couch, MudHoney Rae Wall Baskets and Console, Vega Vases (background), KAZZA Join Space Chair (background), and Fancy Decor Bradley Sculpture (background)

The windows along the side of the hallway along with skylights above provide a ton of light, creating a nice bright space during the day…or a nice romantic moonlit space at night.

The long hallway featuring Kazza Sweet Escape set (chair, light, plant) and a peek of the Kazza Studio Lounge Bath

The bathroom has a door that matches the archway, keeping with the modern theme of the skybox, and I love the vertical slats allowing light into the bathroom space, as well as a sexy peek into the shower.

The bathroom: Kazza Studio Lounge Bathroom (sink set, washer, toilet, bidet, and plant), KraftWork Aarhus Bathroom Single Shower and Glass, and Fancy Decor Verona Backlit Mirrors

I was surprised how I could fit a whole bathroom in this space, it’s designed quite nicely and doesn’t feel cramped. If you look closely you can see a narrow slatted window on the other side of the shower…a nice sexy feature too if you want to take a peek from the bed. So much peeking in this post! Speaking of, let’s take a closer peek at the Kazza Join Space Chair, which I used for a small seating area as you enter into the bedroom.

Kazza Join Space Chair set (includes chair, plant, lamp)

Lastly, a lovely nook to lay your head. The bedroom is a nice long room and you can tuck a comfy bed like the Kazza Delight bed into it to create a restful cocoon for yourself after a long day. The bedroom again features those fabulous round windows.

Kazza Delight Bed as the centerpiece of the bedroom, MudHoney Rae Console and Vegas Vases.

And there you have it. A nice sweet place to rest and restore from your week or the frenzy of weekend sale shopping, which I am about to go do now!

Credits: (*not a sponsored post*)
Haikei Good & Bland Gacha Rare available at the current Harajuku event through April 10th:
KAZZA Studio lounge Divani, Party! let’s Go! – couch, Sweet Escape, Studio Lounge Bath, Join Space Chair, and Delight Bed all available at the Kazza Main Store:
MudHoney Rae Entry set and Vega set pieces available at Main Store:
Fancy Decor Verona Backlit Mirrors, Bradley Sculpture, Catch-all and Luann Sculpture:
KraftWork Aarhus Bathroom Single Shower and Glass:

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