A Pool for Two…

WRONG has released its Small Pool, a lovely little pool for two! It’s available now through April 16th at Uber Homestown. I was so excited to see it came in several options, the usual light and dark woods, white, and black. Rezzing the black option, I just knew it would look fabulous with the YouNeed Container House I picked up a while back.

WRONG Small Pool in black, attached to the cool Container House by YouNeed.

The Small Pool has steps on two sides leading up to the small platform area surrounding the water. Because of this it was easy to make it an addition to the container house. I added a beach umbrella for shade and a pop of color with the MudHoney Marli Deck Chairs in Yellow. I’d recommend the fatpack, such a classic deck chair style, fabulous poses and a ton of colors. They are available at the MudHoney main store. And speaking of poses, the pool also has plenty of singles and couples poses both in and out of the water.

This dreamy by the side of the pool pose is wonderful for those lazy, sunny afternoon talks. MudHoney’s Marli Deck Chair seen in the background.
Laying on the deck couples pose on WRONG Small Pool

So…in anticipation of warmer weather and fewer clothes–get out there and get the WRONG small pool so you can work on that tan. As, for me, I am going to plop down on one of the MudHoney Marli Deck Chairs and read up on Unicorns…this is the actual book in the first pose on the chair…how delightful is that?!

Unicorns are Great! ACTUAL book on the MudHoney Marli Deck Chair Reading Pose. Nails: Enfer Sombre Maitreya Nail Appliers in Sky, Amala Athena Stacking Rings, Kibitz Wonderful Gem Ring (Group Gift), ears, ufo pearl chain earring.

Sponsored Item Credits:
WRONG Small Pool, available at Uber Hometown through April 16th: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uber2/130/80/23
MudHoney Marli Deck Chair Fatpack, available at main store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MudHoney/101/82/31
WRONG Relax Bed: Dark Wood, Bird version, available at main store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Reef/111/17/30

Other Item Credits:
YouNeed Container House: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/District%20Blue/63/187/501
Fetch Shore Set Beach Umbrella
YourDreams Summer Backyard Yellow Flip Flops, Glasses and Sunscreen, and Sun Towel
Kazza Studio Lounge Divani Side Table
What Next Cherry and Pineapple Soda Decor
Mithral Calathea Vittata (Pack A)
Concept SAL Yellow Pot
Fancy Decor Luann Art
Hive Decorative Floor Palm
Mithral Wall Frame Planter (Metal Pack)
HAIKEI a vacant house gacha 5 (wall art)
Kazza Join Space Chair Floor Lamp
Kazza Studio Lounge Divani banana palm
Haikei Forever Yours gacha 4 (drawers with decor)

LOVE Essential Grass
LOVE Elowen Trees and ground leaves
Hayabusa Design Sakura Forest 5 Tree Sculpture
Hayabusa Design Tree – Forest M6
Hayabusa Design Tree – Forest M2
SKYE Epic Cliff Type 8

On Her: Legal Insanity Flamingo Bikini, Kuni Boo Hairstyle, Fewness Party Tattoo Mini Collection,
Mimmi Collection Little Hearts Tattoo, Enfer Sombre Maitreya Nail Appliers in Sky, Amala The Athena Stacking Rings, Kibitz Wonderful Gem Ring (Group Gift), and on ears: ufo pearl chain earring
Pose used in Main pic: Loki Kawaii Summer Gacha Pose 6 (tube comes with it and is color change)

On Him: Legal Insanity Milo Hawaii swim trunks

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