Homestead Dreaming: “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” — Margaret Atwood

The weather is warming and I’ve been out and about digging in the dirt and am finding it so fulfilling! This is the first year I am trying my hand at gardening, a simple raised bed of lettuce and container tomatoes and peppers. Did you know that dirt contains Mycobacterium vaccae, a bacterium that’s been found to trigger the release of serotonin, which in turn improves mood and possibly even brain function. No wonder people get hooked on gardening!

In an interesting role reversal, my daily life has inspired my Second Life. With the help of items from this spring’s Deco(c)rate, Sari-Sari, and one of my new sponsors │T│L│C│ Animals, I was able to create the Homestead of my dreams!

Homestead Dreaming

In creating scenes, especially those of the outdoor kind, animals play such a quintessential role in adding that special something, that feel of “life” to a scene. │T│L│C│ Animals does such a wonderful job on their creations, the animals have sounds you can turn on and off as you wish, which is really great. However, I loved hearing the chickens cluck about while I worked today, it really adds such great authentic atmosphere. The Chicken gacha is seriously one to get if you love farm life, so worth it and they are so well done! Also, check out the image below, taken in Firestorm on ultra settings, no photoshop…and it looks so good! Not easy with animals, very impressive.

Chicken gacha 11, hangs out on a broken pot next to a potted plant. Look at those feathers, that face! Fabulous!

And the bunnies, from the Little Thieves set are too cute for words. The animesh ones hop around, stand on their haunches, and sniff the air so sweetly. The set also comes with static bunnies in case you want to save on land impact or want them still in place.

Static Bunny from the Little Thieves Bunny Set by │T│L│C│ Animals. And check out that awesome crate from the Chicken Gacha! This photo is also NOT photoshopped.

Both the Chicken Gacha and the Little Thieves set are available at the │T│L│C│ main store: If you haven’t been there, go for a gander, you are sure to find an animal or two or three you like!

Sponsored Item Credits:
│T│L│C│ Little Thieves Bunny Set and │T│L│C│ Chicken Gacha, both are available at the main store:
KraftWork Converted Greenhouse, available in Deco(c)rate, still available for purchase at the Deco(c)rate headquarters:

Other Item Credits:
Sari-Sari Ladder Shelves & Seedling Trays at the current round of The Warehouse Sale through April 18th:
ChiC buildings Gardener’s Hall Bench Blond, Set Clutter middle
ChiC buildings Garden Potting with Crates
ChiC buildings Ranch Life Open Shed RARE, Crate Table, Single Metal Barrel
Chic buildings Raised Garden Beds (they come empty), all available at the main store:
Botanica Cucumber Peppers Tomatoes Zuch 4×4 row on MP:×4-Patch-Ultra-Light-Prim-5LI-Copy-Mod/5715765
Katy’s Kreations Garden tools in milk can:
8f8 – Primavera in Toscana gacha Clay Pots
Little Branch Persimmon Tree on for 186L:
Hive harvest hay set:
LOVE Essentials Grass 3, 10, 13, 19, 20L:

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