Sophisticated yet Cheeky

Sophisticated yet cheeky, that’s how I like to think of myself. Whether that is actually true, who knows, but I love anything with an unexpected whimsical twist, it always makes me smile. And it turns out a couple of my sponsors, ChiMia and InsurreKtion, have both released some super fun items that have that quirky bit of cheek to them that brings on the smiles, or smirks–and all available for a limited time at a special price!

I had purchased the latest weekend steal deal from Scarlet Creative, the Great Elm Cottage and its corresponding furniture pack. It has this quirky little raised alcove in it, that at first I was not sure what to put in it. Then I recalled the Rothchild Bar Stool Set from crate and thought, “I’ll use that and make it a little drink and conversate nook! Perfection!” And what better way to spark a conversation than to showcase cheeky art pieces all around it.

Sunshine streaming into the beautiful Great Elm Cottage decked out in a style I like to call Whimsical Sophistication

The Skateboard pic seen above is from the Weird Art Collection by ChiMia and is a new favorite! InsurreKtion is a new sponsor (thank you!) and I just love their stuff. It’s so well done and unique, like the Wild Cabinet, shown below in the Zebra brushed fabric option. And their latest release–the Adam & Eve Lamps! The Eve has the switch in the “nippular area” as Rachel would say on Friends.

The InsurreKtion Wild Cabinet and Eve Lamp, also seen are the beautiful Acrid candle light from ball in gemstone and white marble options. On the wall is one of the artworks from the ChiMia collection. And how great is the Bunny also from the Weird Art Collection by ChiMia in the midst of the Bee Designs Funny Pet Collection Pictures?!

Adam of course has his switch in his nether regions, love it! The lamps come in 3 different options and have 3 levels off brightness when you switch them on. I’ve chosen the “Chocolate” wood option but they also come in black and honey colored options.

Adam lamp from InsurreKtion show with a fave of mine, the Nerd bookends from LISP.

So, to add to your sales shopping list….the ChiMia Weird Art for Mournful Monday (set of 3 pics, the bunny, and the 2 pics seen above the Wild Cabinet) are available at the special price of 150L through April 11th at the main store, The Adam & Eve lamps from Insurrektion are an exclusive gift for 30L Saturday 11th Anniversary fair and that event ends on April 12th Noon SLT. You can get them here:

Until next time, stay cheeky my friends!

Sponsored Item Credits:
ChiMia Weird Art for Mournful Monday, available through April 11th, taxi to ChiMia:
InsurreKtion Adam & Eve Lamps, exclusive gift for 30L Saturday 11th Anniversary fair event ends: April 12th Noon SLT:
InsurreKtion Wild Cabinet available at main store:
Acrid candle light from the ball (gemstone and white marble):
crate Rothchild Bar Stool Full Set:

Other Item Credits:
Bee Designs Funny Pet Posters Gacha 12, 14, 2-3:
Pitaya – Lazy Hanging Planter:
HAIKEI Nostalgia For Autumn Gacha 7
Scarlet Creative Great Elm Cottage, Lyra North Sofa MC, Lyra North Armchair MC, Great Elm Rug, and Tulum Planter Monty:
MINIMAL – Plant Collection Gacha #09 and #12:
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 13:
LISP – Charlotte Nerd Bookends:

Exile Catrine available at the current round of Anthem, which runs through April 30th:
Fleur Sigrit top in snow:
Tres Blah flared jeans original wash:
Fri Sophie Sandals (sierra):

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