Lazy Spring Afternoon

How I love a lazy midweek spring afternoon…which I never really get unless on vacation! Soooo….why not have one in Second Life?! That’s what I say. Today’s lazy spring afternoon scene is brought to you by WRONG, T|L|C Animals, and LOVE Essentials Grass Collection, and an oldie but goodie Cheeky Pea Hammock.

Lazy Spring Afternoon’s are the best

WRONG’s Pergola comes completely furnished with a Media TV option. I did not include the TV in the full scene but an example of what that looks like is below and would make a great backyard gathering area for friends to watch TV.

WRONG’s Wooden Pergola with the Media TV

The furniture in the Wooden Pergola, which comes in light and dark options, is a lovely neutral, complimentary to any decor style. All elements can be unlinked and used themselves, which is fabulous. The poses are lovely and the rug is really nice, I can see using it a lot in the future.

Any outdoor scene is always enhanced by landscaping, and T|L|C Animals makes that super easy with the Goldfish pond with Waterfall Set. You just plonk it down and it fits perfectly! I love that. The rocks, water, fish, and foliage is all included. What is super cool is that it has clickable lights so if you want to enjoy a nighttime scene, you can light up the pond, a nice touch.

T|L|C’s Goldfish Pond with lights

Sponsored Item Credits:
WRONG Wooden Pergola:
T|L|C Animals Goldfish pond with Waterfall Set
and Little Thieves (the bunnies):

Other Item Credits:
LOVE Essential Grasses 15, 16, & 20:
Hayabusa Design Sakura Yedoensis, Tree – Forest M1-1 OPTT, Field of Grass HD-W M1 v1-1a, and Sakura Forest 5 Tree Sculpture 2015 TS:
Cheeky Pea Boho Dreamtime Hammock Cloud (Adult) w/stand:
JIAN Southern Shelties Gacha 8. Sleeping Sheltie:
Ariskea [Lovely ] Yellow Flowers Vase:
PLAAKA Rattan Basket Planter Dypsis Lutescens (gacha):

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