Living Large in Small Spaces with Ease, by Lagom

Ease is something a lot of us don’t have nowadays with the way the world is, but you can create an environment of it with Lagom’s lovely new release by the same name, available at the current round of Access, now through May 8th. It’s a gacha that contains all you need to create a relaxing escape for yourself. The Skybox is adorable and the colors of the furniture and decor are so soothing and comfy.

At ease in the cozy comfy Skybox and decor of the Lagom Ease set

I love the detail of the lights that lace around the the furniture and decor, giving it a soft, pretty feel. One of my favorite pieces is the shelf that sits above the bed. It snugs perfectly into the corner of the skybox (and probably any other home corner space) and is the perfect ledge to set your favorite knick knacks on (or favorite group gift little plants like I did).

Lagom Ease Shelf and Frames. Most of the plants on this shelf are group gifts, see the credits for details!

I also love that in the frames and polaroids you can add your own pictures, like those I have in the above shot. If you are looking for a lovely little skybox escape in soothing tones, get over to Access and check out the Ease set by Lagom.

Sponsored Item Credits:
Lagom Ease Set, available at access now through May 8th:
In the gacha are: Skybox (RARE), Stool, Vanity, Bed (RARE), Frames, Shelf, Polaroid, Drawers Mirror, Chair, Sidetable, Rug
Lagom Messy Missy Gacha Hanger (Rare): available at the main store:

Other Item Credits:
Soy Green plants with a coiled vase tall/white, small/white
Half Deer Sweet Dream Slippers Gacha – Puppies
Merak Je t’aime wall sign

Plants on Shelf (left to right):
Haikei Belong to You Gacha 5
Mithral String of Hearts Bottle (Flat) Group Gift
Ariskea Succulent Plant Group Gift
Ariskea Succulent Plant Silver Group Gift
hive silver dollar eucalyptus Group Gift
Fancy Decor Potted Succulent
Ariskea Pottery Pot [Green] Group Gift
Ariskea Eucalyptus Branches Vase 2 Group Gift
CELESTE – Silver Bunny Planter – Grass
Ariskea Group gift Terrarium
Ariskea main store: secondlife://XOXO/121/79/42
hive main store:
Mithral main store:

On Vanity (left to right):
Ariskea Yellow Flowers Vase Group Gift
moss&mink Face Creams (Luxe)
moss&mink Face Wipes (Luxe)
Movement – Hair tools organizer (gacha)
peaches THOT Mess Scattered Makeup
Dahlia – Dolled up – Brushes – Natural 20 (gacha)
Nutmeg Delicate Glamor gacha Small Vintage Perfume
Nutmeg Delicate Glamor gacha Large Vintage Perfume
Nutmeg Delicate Glamor gacha Hand Mirror

On Sidetable:
Elm Skincare Serenity Potted Plant and Bookstack
Nutmeg Tidy Pastels Clock White

On Bed: peaches Tap That App – Laptop
peaches Bae’s Journal – SummerOn Drawers:
Mithral String of Hearts Bottle (Hanging) Group Gift
Dahlia – Elwood – Beauty Clutter – Gold

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