That time we ran away…

…to that little pink hotel in Miami Beach. And the staff placed Lovebirds in our room. We stared at each other and the sea in wonder. Yeah that never happened. But it’s a nice thought, n’est-ce pas? The oh so pink and pretty walls of the Haikei Whatever you Got gacha Rare building and unKindness’ Palm Beach Bedroom set inspired the runaway thoughts this week. And I can’t fail to mention that the outfit I am wearing by Cosmic Dust is on sale today for Fifty Linden Fridays!

unKindness’ Palm Beach Bedroom, T|L|C Animal’s Lovebirds and Seagulls make up the Miami Beach Hotel Fantasy

The vibe of the unKindness Palm Beach bedroom is on point, with the slated console and nightstand in light wood and the soft tropical print of the covers and pillows on the bed. I particularly love the combo of fabric designs on the pillows.

Love the pillow prints and the soft rumple of the bedcover.

Sponsored Item Credits:
unKindness Palm Beach Bedroom: pictured in scene are the bed, nightstand, console, beach art prints v1, v2, and v3, and table lamps in teal and white versions. The set also comes with more lamp colors, and a choice of two room divider screens not seen here. Available at the main store:
T|L|C Animals Lovebirds (pot version) and Seagulls (I used the hovering version here which stays in place, but they also have circling ones), all are available at the main store:

Other Item Credits:
Haikei Whatever you Got gacha RARE
Mithral Calathea Majestica (Pack B) and Hanging Monstera Adansonii Trellis (Silver)
Silence Clara Office gacha Book Stack in Pink

SALE Item!
Cosmic Dust Amiee Outfit in Bloom Pattern on sale for FLF, available at main store:

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