Sunday Afternoon at Blume

I am nostalgic for those pre-pandemic Sunday afternoon strolls down main street, coffee in hand, stopping to smell the flowers (without a mask on) in a cute little floral shop. Slow, unhurried days like this are the best. I miss them. But faffing about with the absolutely stunning Blume set created by KraftWork & Pitaya for the current round of Epiphany, I was able to conjur up some of that energy for which I am nostalgic.

Every item in this picture (except for people and the cat) are from the fabulous KraftWork & Pitaya Collab that is the Blume Set, available at the current round of Epiphany

I am just going to go ahead and say this before we go any further. Get the whole set. It’s worth it. No BS. It is. Every single item in here you will use, and not just if you wanted to create the whole shop as I have here. Between the building, the flowers, the shelves, the pendant light, cute sink, vases, work tables, there is so so much that you will reuse in home settings, scene creation that splurging is worth it. SO….let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Front Entrance, the tree seen here is a bonus item included with the fatpack. The Blume shop sign is separate from the building so you can add wherever you want or leave it off altogether.
Flowers in vases with price cards, the detailing is so sweet!

There are a ton of flowers in vases in this set! Each has an accompanying price card specifically for it. A nice touch. Now, if you are thinking of using these flowers in the home, you totally can. I’ve resized and unlinked several for different looks within the photos I took, something you could do for home decor as well.

A different view of the entrance, featuring the items in the Blume Set, the box with wrapping paper on the upper shelf of the wrapping table is from ChiMia

The wrapping table with roses, paper and scissors seen in the image above is one of my favorite items. Also featured in this image are the sink and clutter from the set, as well as the work table (resized in the front window), hanging plants, vases, and display shelves.

Flowers on the wrapping table
Baskets on Shelves
Pretty Pendant Light
The Hanging plants

The pendant light shown above is also included in the set and in that shot you can also see the slatted skylight in the ceiling of the shop, which lets in light and creates some lovely shadowing. The detailing on the boxes and bags is fabulous, and the moss of the hanging plants has that “you can feel it” look. Love it.

Fun extra for you: The mesh people you see in the images are by Himiko 3D and are available on the Second Life marketplace.

The Blume Set collaboration by KraftWork and Pitaya, available now through May 12th at The Epiphany:
Mirror Sim:

Sponsored Item Credits:
KraftWork and Pitaya Blume Set at the Epiphany,
Blume Set Fatpack includes ALL this stuff:
Arrangements and Price Tags for:
Calla Lilly
Light Flowers & Branches
Light Roses
Mini Flowers & Branches
Orange Roses
Orchdee Kokedama Orange
Orchdee Kokedama Yellow
Pink Rose
White Rose

The rest of the goodies:
Decorative Vases Brown
Decorative Vases Ceramic
Decorative Vases Rustic
Decorative Vases Silver
Florist Chalk Frame
Flower Display Table (oak)
Flower Display Table (olive)
Flower Shop RARE
Flower Store Front Sign
Pendant Light
Rose Loops
Single Wall Display Case
Sink Unit
Sink Unit Clutter
Spring Time Frame
Tree Reward VIP
Triple Wall Display Case Empty RARE
Triple Wall Display Case Full RARE
Work Table
Wrapping Table Empty
Wrapping Table Full

Other Item Credits:
Himiko 3D Mesh People YO_V.Couple-walk,, YO_V.boy-007 available on MP Store:
Meshed Potato – Handbag Girl Mesh
Ginger Tabby (pack of 4 static poses)
JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection – Wanderer:
Astralia – Gardening Time gacha (shears)

Exile Catrine hair, available at the current round of Anthem, which runs through April 30th:
Tres Blah Buttondown, 75L for Saturday Sale:
Safira Darlene Capri Jeans #10:
Dust Bunny & Consignment wildflower sneakers in Grey:

Sidewalk and roadway created using 6KW FULL PERM Construction MEGA TEXTURES FATPACK
available on MP for only 100 (work really well!)
“Town” background created using images I found on the internet

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