Working from Home

When you work from home it’s important to surround yourself with the right atmosphere. Did you know the color yellow represents creativity, friendliness, optimism, and confidence? And that you should incorporate it when you want to stimulate positivity, creativity and happiness? North Oak’s living room set for the current round of Equal 10 has a sofa that is available in a mustard yellow color that is fabulous and was the inspiration for the scene today.

Yellows, wood tones, and greens create an atmosphere that is creative and optimistic.

The North Oak sofa also comes in white, red, champagne, green, charcoal, navy and pink! The legs have color change options to gold, silver, or black. The brushed velvet texture on the sofa is super cozy. The set also includes a coffee table and side table which have color change options for the base. I love the wood texture of the top of each of these pieces. See below.

The other beautiful set in this scene is unKindness’ Verdant Entryway. I love the gold inlay treatment on the console as well as the fresh yellow touches in the lemon runner rug and the art piece above the console. The set also comes with the intricate lamp and leafy plant shown to the right of the console. The plant on the left is Mithral’s Scindapsus Pictus Display in gold.

On top of the console from unKindness are some of my favorite entryway clutter pieces from the tres blah Hodgepodge gacha.

Now, for your deal of the weekend! The super gorgeous pair of paintings on the wall behind the sofa are from ChiMia and on sale this weekend at the main store for 50L for The Saturday Sale. They come with another pair of art pieces so at 50L is definitely worth it!

Gorgeous Art from ChiMia for only 50L, at the main store for The Saturday Sale!

Sponsored Item Credits:
North Oak for Equal 10, available at the current round of Equal 10 through May 5th,
In the set: Karissa Velvet Couch in mustard (also comes in white, black, green, red, champagne, charcoal, navy, and pink), Sigrid Coffee Table, Sigrid Side Table, and Vatos Lamp
Legs of sofa are color change to black, silver, or gold
Frame of tables are texture change to bronze, metal, or black
Lamp is color change for metals and shade

uNkindness Verdant Entry Set, available at Main Store:
In the set: Verdant Entry Cabinet, Verdant Gold Leaf Art, Verdant Floral Lamp, Verdant Lemon Runner, and Verdant Ceramic Planter

ChiMia Arctic Summer Split Frames Art Pack (includes two others) Weekend Deal for The Saturday Sale 50L:

Other Item Credits:
KraftWork West of the Rain house:
What Next Coffee Time Tray (white) on for 50L for FLF:
Mithral Scindapsus Pictus Display (Gold) and Hanging Hoya Set (Black):
Apple Fall Althea Rug – Antique Light (under coffee table)
ChiMia Magazine Stack [Light and Dark] (under coffee table)
MudHoney Cooper Magazines (under coffee table)
tres blah Hodgepodge gacha – Morning Start (on coffee table)
tres blah Hodgepodge gacha – Catch All (on console)
tres blah Hodgepodge gacha – Snail Mail (on console)
Marke Arto Closed Book (on side table)
Abedul Laptop Texture Change:
Scattered Papers and Piles (11L on MP):

Pose: teapi always online 3-pose pack available on MP (I adjusted a bit with animare)

No Match No Hugs hairstyle
tres blah scrunched sweats in Chic
tres blah casual tee

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