Sunday on Victoria Street

One day, some day, maybe on a Sunday, we’ll stroll along the avenue again, without a mask, without a worry. Having got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine recently, I feel one step closer to that. And Lagom has released a lovely little street front set called Victoria Street that makes it easy to imagine those carefree sunny days in town again.

Strolling along Victoria Street

Lagom’s Victoria Street is available at the current round of Uber Hometown, now through May 16th: Inside, I used Lagom’s The Mannequin Collection and Crafter’s Desk to create a combination dress/alterations shop. The Crafter’s Desk has such fun details, you can change the color of the frame and even select the month of the calendar to display, a nice little detail!

The “Charley” and “Jane” mannequins from The Mannequin Collection and Crafter’s Desk by Lagom.

In the above pic you can also see a corner of the dressing room I created. I simply built out a few thin walls, textured with the “blank” texture option in edit mode, then used the pastel version of the Milo Drapes by MudHoney to as the curtains for the rooms. These drapes in particular are so versatile as they come in an “open” or “closed” state and have different rod color options.

The dressing room area created using simple build objects/textures and the gorgeous MudHoney Milo curtains

If you are someone who wants to create a boutique type store or simply wants a luxe closet area displaying a fabulous gown collection, the ones from Lagom are really gorgeous. I’ve not shown the whole set here but any in the collection would be stunning as a showcase piece. From the crushed velvet, to the peachy sequins and shimmery satin, these dresses have that “you can feel it” look to their textures. Love it.

The gorgeous dresses from Lagom’s The Mannequin Collection (each dress name is specified in the credits below)

In the bakery cafe next door, items from Half Deer fit the bill. The bakery display counter, cupcake display, cafe tables, chairs, scalloped counter and cute cash register, as well as the fun pastel neon lights, are all available at their main store.

It was such fun to play around with and create this scene with Lagom’s Victoria Street. Have a delightful Sunday and until next time!

Sponsored Item Credits:
Lagom Victoria Street Fatpack [Shope B (pink), and Shop C (yellow) used in scene] available at Uber Hometown through May 16th:
Lagom The Mannequin Collection gacha [left to right: 03-Charley, 08-Jane, 07-Hana, 12-Morgan, 04-Maisy, 10-Libby, 11-Aaliyah, 01-Patricia], Crafters Desk, Butterflies, and Gumball Babe Gacha 06-Heart gift can all be found at the main store:
MudHoney Milo Curtains (used to create dressing rooms):
KraftWork + Pitaya .Blume. Tree: a bonus item from the Kraftwork + Pitaya Blume Set at the current round of Epiphany). Previous post about the entire set is here.

Other item credits:
NOIR+MIDNA Rose Office Gacha-Chair-RARE
Svenia’s Workshop Marquee Dressing Room:
+Half-Deer+ Scalloped Counter Table (Pink), Cutie Cash Register – White/Pink, Rainbow Neon Lights – Short and Arch, Darling Heart Chair – Polkadot Small and Floral Small, Darling Marble Table – Smaller, Bakery Display Counter – Pink, and Cupcake Trays:
Apple Fall Atelier Pendant Lamp:
Berry Vintage Frames, Pictures & Posters Vintage Bakery Poster 11 and 14:
{what next} ‘Pink’ Monaco Scooter:
Deco Franzy Parkingmeter LA Style:

3D People from the following:
Meshed Potato:
Himiko 3D:

Street and Sidewalk:

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