Dog Day Afternoons

This week’s been an emotionally challenging one…at the end of the day sometimes I want to lay with my head down, enjoy a sweet silence, zone out and not think at all. BUT, there are so many beautiful things out in SL that I want to share with you today from crate, InsurreKtion, KraftWork, North Oak, and TLC. First up, crate’s Satisfaction Sofa at the current round of Anthem through May 30th. It definitely lives up to it’s name, whether you are lounging by yourself, as I am in the pic, or if you have a special friend…or two, over. Yep, the sofa has room for 3, singles, cuddles and adult! Very nice indeed.

Hanging in the middle of the room is MudHoney’s Lana Chandelier, available at Fameshed. The other lighting in the set can be seen in this post.

Next up is InsurreKtion’s Ethnic Collection II, exclusively at Black Fair until May 22nd. The patterned chairs, Rattan Table, Rugs, Shelves, Bird, Stump Table (hanging), and Console on top of which are lanterns and candles are all from this gorgeous set. I love love the detailing on the lanterns and candles.

Gorgeous detailing of InsurreKtion’s Ethnic Collection II.

KraftWork’s Shabby Console Desk (at current round of Fameshed) and North Oak’s Zion Weaved Basket Collection (at current round of Equal10). The distressing on the wood of the console and linen on the tops of the stools on the KraftWork Set is lovely. That sweet yellow flower and the books come with it too. The weave of the North Oak’s baskets is fabulous as well and the detail of the clothing hanging out of the medium basket is wonderful, especially since you can change the color of the clothing itself, an option not often seen!

KraftWork’s Shabby Console and North Oak’s Zion Basket set (medium and large baskets)

Finally, no dog day afternoon is complete with out the prerequisite napping dog, and Lazy Dog Bed (with Dog) from T|L|C Animals is not only adorable but super affordable too at 150L at their main store. Little doggo naps on his own bed which you can texture change by clicking on it. You can also sit down beside him and pet him for some natural stress relief. Doggo has a sweet little breathing animation and with his eyes half open, you really feel that lazy dog energy. So fun!

The small basket from the North Oak Zion Weaved Basket Collection and the oh so cute and super realistic Doggo on the T|L|C Animals Lazy Dog Bed.

And lastly, all this is set in the Scarlet Creative Belize Beach House, that I got on sale last weekend for 75L. And now…see below for your taxi to where you can get this fab stuff!

Sponsored Item Credits:
crate Satisfaction Sofa at Anthem through May 30th:
KraftWork Shabby Console Desk at Fameshed Anniversary Round through May 27th:
InsurreKtion Ethnic Collection II Set exclusive at the Black Fair until May 22nd:
North Oak Zion Weaved Basket Collection available at Equal 10 through June 5th:
│T│L│C│ Animals Lazy Dog Bed available at the main store:
MudHoney Lana Chandelier available at Fameshed through May 27th:

Other Item Credits:
Scarlet Creative Belize Beach House:
Concept Elevate gacha Brown Carpet (under KraftWork console desk):
HAIKEI Change Your Mind Gacha 6 (Black potted plant) and HAIKEI WITH TRUE BLACK Gacha 4 (white vase plant):
Pitaya – Arched Floor Lamp BLACK:
Apple Fall Tribal Print I & II:

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