Meet Chloe Q.

I have been in Second Life on and off over the years and I have always appreciated the beautiful homes, decor, clothes, poses, heads, skins, bodies, makeups, landscaping, vehicles, etc…that many that the many talented designers of SL have created.

Over my time in Second Life, I have gotten more into creating home spaces and scenes–I find it to be a relaxing escape into creativity. This blog is a primarily a space for myself to document those that I put together. I love combining old and new items from different designers and appreciate well-done textures that you can almost feel. I am a blogger for ChiMia, crate, Deco(c)rate, Lagom, MudHoney, MYSA, UnKindness, and WRONG, but I also blog about things I love and scenes I create which are not sponsored.

Inspired by some friends and myself going a little crazy at the 2020-Black-Friday-50-Linden-Apple Fall sale, I’ve also started an in-world group called “The Decor Whores.” It’s just a group of us who love to decorate and love a good sale even more. It also serves as a resource for asking where you could find something decor related inworld. Look us up there and on Facebook!

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