Dog Day Afternoons

This week’s been an emotionally challenging one…at the end of the day sometimes I want to lay with my head down, enjoy a sweet silence, zone out and not think at all. BUT, there are so many beautiful things out in SL that I want to share with you today from crate, InsurreKtion, KraftWork, North Oak, and TLC. First up, crate’s Satisfaction Sofa at the current round of Anthem through May 30th. It definitely lives up to it’s name, whether you are lounging by yourself, as I am in the pic, or if you have a special friend…or two, over. Yep, the sofa has room for 3, singles, cuddles and adult! Very nice indeed.

Hanging in the middle of the room is MudHoney’s Lana Chandelier, available at Fameshed. The other lighting in the set can be seen in this post.

Next up is InsurreKtion’s Ethnic Collection II, exclusively at Black Fair until May 22nd. The patterned chairs, Rattan Table, Rugs, Shelves, Bird, Stump Table (hanging), and Console on top of which are lanterns and candles are all from this gorgeous set. I love love the detailing on the lanterns and candles.

Gorgeous detailing of InsurreKtion’s Ethnic Collection II.

KraftWork’s Shabby Console Desk (at current round of Fameshed) and North Oak’s Zion Weaved Basket Collection (at current round of Equal10). The distressing on the wood of the console and linen on the tops of the stools on the KraftWork Set is lovely. That sweet yellow flower and the books come with it too. The weave of the North Oak’s baskets is fabulous as well and the detail of the clothing hanging out of the medium basket is wonderful, especially since you can change the color of the clothing itself, an option not often seen!

KraftWork’s Shabby Console and North Oak’s Zion Basket set (medium and large baskets)

Finally, no dog day afternoon is complete with out the prerequisite napping dog, and Lazy Dog Bed (with Dog) from T|L|C Animals is not only adorable but super affordable too at 150L at their main store. Little doggo naps on his own bed which you can texture change by clicking on it. You can also sit down beside him and pet him for some natural stress relief. Doggo has a sweet little breathing animation and with his eyes half open, you really feel that lazy dog energy. So fun!

The small basket from the North Oak Zion Weaved Basket Collection and the oh so cute and super realistic Doggo on the T|L|C Animals Lazy Dog Bed.

And lastly, all this is set in the Scarlet Creative Belize Beach House, that I got on sale last weekend for 75L. And now…see below for your taxi to where you can get this fab stuff!

Sponsored Item Credits:
crate Satisfaction Sofa at Anthem through May 30th:
KraftWork Shabby Console Desk at Fameshed Anniversary Round through May 27th:
InsurreKtion Ethnic Collection II Set exclusive at the Black Fair until May 22nd:
North Oak Zion Weaved Basket Collection available at Equal 10 through June 5th:
│T│L│C│ Animals Lazy Dog Bed available at the main store:
MudHoney Lana Chandelier available at Fameshed through May 27th:

Other Item Credits:
Scarlet Creative Belize Beach House:
Concept Elevate gacha Brown Carpet (under KraftWork console desk):
HAIKEI Change Your Mind Gacha 6 (Black potted plant) and HAIKEI WITH TRUE BLACK Gacha 4 (white vase plant):
Pitaya – Arched Floor Lamp BLACK:
Apple Fall Tribal Print I & II:

A Full Belly and a Happy Heart…Thank you, Mom

Today is Mother’s Day in the US, and as I was driving cross country to see my mom, I was reminiscing about my time with her when I was a kid. And a lot of my favorite funny, heartwarming, togetherness type family memories are in the kitchen. And my mother had a big hand in creating those. It was where she took care of our bellies, and a lot of times, our hearts. And it was the first place we sat down together to chat when I arrived home yesterday afternoon.

KraftWork’s Mini Boho Kitchen, Kitchen Clutter, and Multi Coffee Machine are featured here along with Table and Chairs from InsurreKtion’s Anna Living Room Set

KraftWork’s Mini Boho Kitchen with it’s tons of options helped me recreate a bright, sunny, fun space that reminds me of my mom’s spirit. The Multi Coffee Machine, available for a couple more days at Kustom 9, has gorgeous detailing that has to be seen up close to be appreciated. It’s also color change so if yellow isn’t your jam, you can change it to red, black, rose, or several other colors (and metals).

You just know that coffee is fresh brewed, look at that condensation! Seen alongside items from the KraftWork Kitchen Clutter Set, Dust Bunny’s dish drainer, and REKA Harvest set item.

Another set the conjured up visions of my childhood kitchen life with Mom are the pots and pans from KraftWork’s Modular Cooktop & Iron Pans set. The orange color choice seen below is so reminiscent of the Orange Flame Le Creuset cookware my mom cherished and I just love it! There are many other colors too in this cooktop set, which also comes with the cooktop seen below, as well as a grill and induction range. The pots can be changed to a variety of different colors.

I love love love the blue flame in the cooktop that can be switched on and off for a true “It’s on the stove cooking” experience.

I am so grateful for my mother’s care and affection growing up, and even though we certainly had our moments, so to speak, she was and is, always there for me. Sending love and a Happy Mother’s Day wish to all the mothers out there.

Sponsored Item Credits:
KraftWork Multi Coffee Machine (available at Kustom 9 through May 10th):
KraftWork Mini Boho Kitchen, KraftWork Kitchen Clutter, and KraftWork Modular Cooktop & Iron Pans available at the main store:
InsurreKtion Anna Living Room (Chair, Medium Table) available at the main store:

Weekend Sale Items: (Saturday Sale)
Junk Food – Brownies Plate:

Other Item Credits:
Apple Fall Hetton Barn Conversion
{what next} Kitchen Broom Decor
Dahlia – Lemon Print – Gift
CHEZ MOI Quinn Cutting Board Set
ReKa. The Harvest / 7 / 4 / 3
dust bunny . homemade soup . bag
dust bunny . kitchen clutter . dish drying rack . white
hive // knife set
Pitaya – La cuisine Cutlery Holder (separated one on table/one on counter), Spice Container
Trowix Wall Fork & Spoon
{vespertine} – recipebox
KraftWork Alexa’s Farm Kitchen Clutter . Book Holder
KraftWork Runner Rugs . Boho Set (resized)

We Really Meant to Play Chess…

Y’all, if you have a place that can use a sweet looking little bar set that is a whole lotta naughty, run to Fameshed before it closes on May 6th and pick up the MudHoney Zola Bar. And while you are there also get the oh so fabulously detailed KraftWork Naughty Chess Board.

MudHoney’s Zola Bar set will keep you and a guest “entertained” for hours!

MudHoney’s Zola Bar set comes with of course, the bar, which on the other side has a wine rack and glass holder (and the set gives you these to fill it). The bar itself has 4 different tile options, all in tones of black/white/gray. The stool that comes with it has options for the legs, cushions and wicker. I always love a pop of color and the chairs above are seen with rust cushions, dark legs, and light wicker options. Now before I continue on about the bar set, let’s take a look at the KraftWork Naughty Chess Set.

The gorgeously detailed dildos, vibes, eggs, and plugs of the KraftWork Naughty Chess Set.
Look at the veins, the ribs, the ears on the “rabbit” …so much fun!

Soooo…you can see why this chess set is distracting….or inspirational maybe? If you get distracted or inspired, as we did, the MudHoney Bar Set has an ahhhhhhhhhhmazing ton of poses. For those on the PG side or to get things started, both the bar and the chair have single and couple PG activities (eating, reading, sipping), sweet couple cuddles, and for those inclined to take things further…an extensive adult menu is on both the chair and the bar. So fabulous!

In the background of the scenes above you can see MudHoney’s Lana Sconces on the wall and Lana candles on the bar. Those are brand new for the regular Fameshed, running now through May 28th. There’s another light in this set that is marvelous which I’ll be featuring in an upcoming post!

But before we go any further, get your sexy selves on down to Fameshed X before it closes on May 6th and pick yourselves up the KraftWork Naughty Chess set and the Zola Bar set from MudHoney. I’ll even get ya an Uber:

Sponsored Item Credits:
KraftWork Naughty Chess Board available at Fameshed X until May 6th:
MudHoney Zola Bar available at Fameshed X until May 6th:
MudHoney Lana Sconce and MudHoney Lana Candles Tall and Short part of the MudHoney Lighting Collection available now at Fameshed through May 28th:
MudHoney Laundry Gray Shirt Ledge (part of the MudHoney Laundry Full Set) available at main store:

Other Item Credits:
vespertine- faded horizons skyloft (super cheap on MP 125L):
MINIMAL – Plant Collection Gacha #09
Mithral Wall Frame Planter (Metal Pack):
~BAZAR~Berlin-painting 2 and 3:
Scarlet Creative Alexander Timeless Pictures:
Atelier Burgundy – Artist Set Sketches Leaning Frames:
-tres blah- Hodgepodge gacha – Wine Duet:
junk. ashtray. (only 20L):
kunst cigarettes and lighter:

Vanilla Bae Eve Dress ADULT – Maitreya:
tram J1016 hair(Style4):
Kibitz Meli Necklace:
Orsini Jewelry Coco Ring Bento Maitreya:

Sunday on Victoria Street

One day, some day, maybe on a Sunday, we’ll stroll along the avenue again, without a mask, without a worry. Having got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine recently, I feel one step closer to that. And Lagom has released a lovely little street front set called Victoria Street that makes it easy to imagine those carefree sunny days in town again.

Strolling along Victoria Street

Lagom’s Victoria Street is available at the current round of Uber Hometown, now through May 16th: Inside, I used Lagom’s The Mannequin Collection and Crafter’s Desk to create a combination dress/alterations shop. The Crafter’s Desk has such fun details, you can change the color of the frame and even select the month of the calendar to display, a nice little detail!

The “Charley” and “Jane” mannequins from The Mannequin Collection and Crafter’s Desk by Lagom.

In the above pic you can also see a corner of the dressing room I created. I simply built out a few thin walls, textured with the “blank” texture option in edit mode, then used the pastel version of the Milo Drapes by MudHoney to as the curtains for the rooms. These drapes in particular are so versatile as they come in an “open” or “closed” state and have different rod color options.

The dressing room area created using simple build objects/textures and the gorgeous MudHoney Milo curtains

If you are someone who wants to create a boutique type store or simply wants a luxe closet area displaying a fabulous gown collection, the ones from Lagom are really gorgeous. I’ve not shown the whole set here but any in the collection would be stunning as a showcase piece. From the crushed velvet, to the peachy sequins and shimmery satin, these dresses have that “you can feel it” look to their textures. Love it.

The gorgeous dresses from Lagom’s The Mannequin Collection (each dress name is specified in the credits below)

In the bakery cafe next door, items from Half Deer fit the bill. The bakery display counter, cupcake display, cafe tables, chairs, scalloped counter and cute cash register, as well as the fun pastel neon lights, are all available at their main store.

It was such fun to play around with and create this scene with Lagom’s Victoria Street. Have a delightful Sunday and until next time!

Sponsored Item Credits:
Lagom Victoria Street Fatpack [Shope B (pink), and Shop C (yellow) used in scene] available at Uber Hometown through May 16th:
Lagom The Mannequin Collection gacha [left to right: 03-Charley, 08-Jane, 07-Hana, 12-Morgan, 04-Maisy, 10-Libby, 11-Aaliyah, 01-Patricia], Crafters Desk, Butterflies, and Gumball Babe Gacha 06-Heart gift can all be found at the main store:
MudHoney Milo Curtains (used to create dressing rooms):
KraftWork + Pitaya .Blume. Tree: a bonus item from the Kraftwork + Pitaya Blume Set at the current round of Epiphany). Previous post about the entire set is here.

Other item credits:
NOIR+MIDNA Rose Office Gacha-Chair-RARE
Svenia’s Workshop Marquee Dressing Room:
+Half-Deer+ Scalloped Counter Table (Pink), Cutie Cash Register – White/Pink, Rainbow Neon Lights – Short and Arch, Darling Heart Chair – Polkadot Small and Floral Small, Darling Marble Table – Smaller, Bakery Display Counter – Pink, and Cupcake Trays:
Apple Fall Atelier Pendant Lamp:
Berry Vintage Frames, Pictures & Posters Vintage Bakery Poster 11 and 14:
{what next} ‘Pink’ Monaco Scooter:
Deco Franzy Parkingmeter LA Style:

3D People from the following:
Meshed Potato:
Himiko 3D:

Street and Sidewalk:

Rhapsody in Black, White & Gold

I do love a good color theme in decor. Black and White is always a simple winner, but when you add a specific metallic accent, like gold, it ups the level of chic. Acrid’s new gacha release for the current round of The Epiphany inspired the scene. The gray flooring and white walls of Trompe Loeil’s Modern Farmhouse set the stage perfectly for the set, accentuating the dark and elegant color combo while keeping the entire scene light and airy.

Acrid’s signature marble style, which is so well done, is featured in many of the pieces of the set, including the lamps (for which you can edit the lighting style!), the trash can, and the shelf. I also love the quote gallery framing in the set.

The Gallery Frames and Shelf from the Acrid Marble Office Gacha set. Also seen, Acrid Slender Vase in white & gold, Fancy Decor Succulents, Books/Bookends, and White Chain Frame (pic inside uploaded to SL by me)
Acrid Marble Office Desk, Trash Can , Table Lamp, and plants (on desk) in the chic color combo of black and gold.

As you can see, the Acrid Marble Office Gacha has many pieces you can use outside the office as well. Side note: I got the Black Sand Triumph Sofa on a Saturday Sale weekend I believe, and it’s a really good deal even at full price if you want to go get it. Comes with a HUD that allows you to style it in a ton of ways. A piece I would also definitely recommmend!

So, get yourself to The Epiphany if you haven’t already and try your hand at the Acrid Marble Office gacha, available at the current round through May 12th:

Sponsored Item Credits:
Acrid Marble Office gacha, consisting of 8 commons {desk, plants, table lamp, trash can, candles, shelf, tablet, clock} 1 rare { the gorgeous floor lamp } , fatpack available:
Acrid Slender Vase, Acrid Marble Tables and Acrid Marble Shelves, all available at the main store:
ChiMia SL History Books (on top of Acrid Shelf)
MudHoney Milo Drapes (on window) available at the main store:

Other Item Credits:
Black . Sand Triumph Sofa:
Fancy Decor: Modern Books (gold), Pieter Succulents, van Eyck Vases, White and Gold Chain Frame, Books & Bookends (white & gold), Mulder Side Table:
Scarlet Creative Great Elm Chair Black and Gold, Wool Booble Rug:
Commoner Stay Home Throw Pillow:
floorplan. leaning space prints:
moss&mink Nikka Palm planter, Plant – Palm (black):
Abedul Laptop Texture Change Laptop:
Trompe Loeil – Daria Modern Farmhouse Cottage:
LOVE – Wych Elm Tree (Large):

Let it Rain, we’ll stay in…(and shop the weekend sales)

Wrong has released its Spark bed set for the current round of equal10 that is running now through May 5th. Available in Adult/PG, in several options OR fatpack, where you get ALL the options. The fatpack is nice with this set I have to say, as each different bed color option comes with different art. The fatpack allows you to mix and match as I did in creating the scene. I chose the dark wood Beige version of the bed and used the Green version’s art.

WRONG’s Spark Bet set shown in the Scarlet Creative Mayakoba Resort with the ChiMia Sideboard

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of the other color/art combos. These combos are shown as they would come if you purchase that bed color (you will have an option of the frame being in light or dark wood).

Also in the scene and on sale this weekend is the gorgeous sideboard from ChiMia. It’s available at their main store for only 75L. You not only get the grey color in the scene, but also cardinal, grape, lime, sky, and teak options. A great deal for a classic piece you’ll use in any home.

The ChiMia Sideboard with some of my favorite decor pieces from Cinoe (on sale), KraftWork, and Apple Fall. See credits for details and links.

The home is another crazy good deal from Scarlet Creative. It is the Mayakoba Resort and is on sale today for 75L! It’s got a great rustic feel and built in pool. Link to Scarlet Creative in the credits.

Sponsored Item Credits:
WRONG SPARK for current round of equal10, now through May 5th:
ChiMia Country Home Sideboard (Grey) on Sale for Saturday Sale available at the main store:

Other Items on SALE!
Scarlet Creative Mayakoba Resort on sale for 75 L for Saturday Sale, at their main store:
Cinoe White glory solo exhibition – Accessories stand on sideboard (40% off sale going on until April 27th):

On Sideboard:
KraftWork Any Corner Blanket – Thrown Blanket Creme Stripes:
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 6:

Plants (left to right):
Soy Super long Hanging Hedera:
tarte. hanging marble pothos plant:
Mithral * Alocasia Frydek (Pack C):
MINIMAL – Plant Collection Gacha #06:
vespertine hanging succulents. – mistletoe cactus:
tarte. hanging spider plant
tarte. hanging trailing jade plant

Working from Home

When you work from home it’s important to surround yourself with the right atmosphere. Did you know the color yellow represents creativity, friendliness, optimism, and confidence? And that you should incorporate it when you want to stimulate positivity, creativity and happiness? North Oak’s living room set for the current round of Equal 10 has a sofa that is available in a mustard yellow color that is fabulous and was the inspiration for the scene today.

Yellows, wood tones, and greens create an atmosphere that is creative and optimistic.

The North Oak sofa also comes in white, red, champagne, green, charcoal, navy and pink! The legs have color change options to gold, silver, or black. The brushed velvet texture on the sofa is super cozy. The set also includes a coffee table and side table which have color change options for the base. I love the wood texture of the top of each of these pieces. See below.

The other beautiful set in this scene is unKindness’ Verdant Entryway. I love the gold inlay treatment on the console as well as the fresh yellow touches in the lemon runner rug and the art piece above the console. The set also comes with the intricate lamp and leafy plant shown to the right of the console. The plant on the left is Mithral’s Scindapsus Pictus Display in gold.

On top of the console from unKindness are some of my favorite entryway clutter pieces from the tres blah Hodgepodge gacha.

Now, for your deal of the weekend! The super gorgeous pair of paintings on the wall behind the sofa are from ChiMia and on sale this weekend at the main store for 50L for The Saturday Sale. They come with another pair of art pieces so at 50L is definitely worth it!

Gorgeous Art from ChiMia for only 50L, at the main store for The Saturday Sale!

Sponsored Item Credits:
North Oak for Equal 10, available at the current round of Equal 10 through May 5th,
In the set: Karissa Velvet Couch in mustard (also comes in white, black, green, red, champagne, charcoal, navy, and pink), Sigrid Coffee Table, Sigrid Side Table, and Vatos Lamp
Legs of sofa are color change to black, silver, or gold
Frame of tables are texture change to bronze, metal, or black
Lamp is color change for metals and shade

uNkindness Verdant Entry Set, available at Main Store:
In the set: Verdant Entry Cabinet, Verdant Gold Leaf Art, Verdant Floral Lamp, Verdant Lemon Runner, and Verdant Ceramic Planter

ChiMia Arctic Summer Split Frames Art Pack (includes two others) Weekend Deal for The Saturday Sale 50L:

Other Item Credits:
KraftWork West of the Rain house:
What Next Coffee Time Tray (white) on for 50L for FLF:
Mithral Scindapsus Pictus Display (Gold) and Hanging Hoya Set (Black):
Apple Fall Althea Rug – Antique Light (under coffee table)
ChiMia Magazine Stack [Light and Dark] (under coffee table)
MudHoney Cooper Magazines (under coffee table)
tres blah Hodgepodge gacha – Morning Start (on coffee table)
tres blah Hodgepodge gacha – Catch All (on console)
tres blah Hodgepodge gacha – Snail Mail (on console)
Marke Arto Closed Book (on side table)
Abedul Laptop Texture Change:
Scattered Papers and Piles (11L on MP):

Pose: teapi always online 3-pose pack available on MP (I adjusted a bit with animare)

No Match No Hugs hairstyle
tres blah scrunched sweats in Chic
tres blah casual tee

I will carry you…

InsurreKtion has released a beautiful new set called the Reclaimed Daybed Set, and it’s available at the current round of eBento through April 30th. The pose in the main image is on the daybed in the set and it just reminded me of this past year and how much friends have carried each other’s spirit.

The set comes with a daybed, side table, lantern, ceiling lamp, and two really unique items. A chair that is an art piece and blinds on a ledge that add a nice decorative touch to a wall. I set the scene in one of the little nooks in the Scarlet Creative Tulum Resort.

A sweet, comforting pose for a friend in need. The Daybed also contains standing cuddles, adult Poses, and D/S poses.

The chair has fabulous detailing on the dried branches and a ding in the steel bucket that I just love. Also the lantern makes a relaxing twig snapping in the fireplace noise, that you can turn on/off as you like. Click to on the below images to enlarge and see the details close up.

What’s really something is that you can control the lighting radius, intensity, falloff and even color for the lanterns and the ceiling lamp , allowing you to create your very own special atmosphere. I played around with the different colors and settings. There are quite a few to choose from, so it was a lot of fun! You can see some of the examples below. These were all taken in Black Dragon using Raymond’s Night windlight and are not photoshopped in any way.

I just love the falloff of the lighting onto the outside deck area of the house. Also fyi, the ceiling lamp and blinds on the ledge on the wall seen above are also part of the Reclaimed Daybed Set that I mentioned earlier in the post.

Sponsored Item Credits:
InsurreKtion Reclaimed Daybed Set, available at eBento now through April 30th:
Set includes the daybed (texture change, multiple single/couples poses), lamp, lantern, blinds, table, chair.

Other Item Credits:
Scarlet Creative Tulum Resort:
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 7, 8, 10, 11, 13:
Haikei gacha items from Sentimental Reason (4 – rugs) and a faint glow (4 – art in bookcase)

Sunday Afternoon at Blume

I am nostalgic for those pre-pandemic Sunday afternoon strolls down main street, coffee in hand, stopping to smell the flowers (without a mask on) in a cute little floral shop. Slow, unhurried days like this are the best. I miss them. But faffing about with the absolutely stunning Blume set created by KraftWork & Pitaya for the current round of Epiphany, I was able to conjur up some of that energy for which I am nostalgic.

Every item in this picture (except for people and the cat) are from the fabulous KraftWork & Pitaya Collab that is the Blume Set, available at the current round of Epiphany

I am just going to go ahead and say this before we go any further. Get the whole set. It’s worth it. No BS. It is. Every single item in here you will use, and not just if you wanted to create the whole shop as I have here. Between the building, the flowers, the shelves, the pendant light, cute sink, vases, work tables, there is so so much that you will reuse in home settings, scene creation that splurging is worth it. SO….let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Front Entrance, the tree seen here is a bonus item included with the fatpack. The Blume shop sign is separate from the building so you can add wherever you want or leave it off altogether.
Flowers in vases with price cards, the detailing is so sweet!

There are a ton of flowers in vases in this set! Each has an accompanying price card specifically for it. A nice touch. Now, if you are thinking of using these flowers in the home, you totally can. I’ve resized and unlinked several for different looks within the photos I took, something you could do for home decor as well.

A different view of the entrance, featuring the items in the Blume Set, the box with wrapping paper on the upper shelf of the wrapping table is from ChiMia

The wrapping table with roses, paper and scissors seen in the image above is one of my favorite items. Also featured in this image are the sink and clutter from the set, as well as the work table (resized in the front window), hanging plants, vases, and display shelves.

Flowers on the wrapping table
Baskets on Shelves
Pretty Pendant Light
The Hanging plants

The pendant light shown above is also included in the set and in that shot you can also see the slatted skylight in the ceiling of the shop, which lets in light and creates some lovely shadowing. The detailing on the boxes and bags is fabulous, and the moss of the hanging plants has that “you can feel it” look. Love it.

Fun extra for you: The mesh people you see in the images are by Himiko 3D and are available on the Second Life marketplace.

The Blume Set collaboration by KraftWork and Pitaya, available now through May 12th at The Epiphany:
Mirror Sim:

Sponsored Item Credits:
KraftWork and Pitaya Blume Set at the Epiphany,
Blume Set Fatpack includes ALL this stuff:
Arrangements and Price Tags for:
Calla Lilly
Light Flowers & Branches
Light Roses
Mini Flowers & Branches
Orange Roses
Orchdee Kokedama Orange
Orchdee Kokedama Yellow
Pink Rose
White Rose

The rest of the goodies:
Decorative Vases Brown
Decorative Vases Ceramic
Decorative Vases Rustic
Decorative Vases Silver
Florist Chalk Frame
Flower Display Table (oak)
Flower Display Table (olive)
Flower Shop RARE
Flower Store Front Sign
Pendant Light
Rose Loops
Single Wall Display Case
Sink Unit
Sink Unit Clutter
Spring Time Frame
Tree Reward VIP
Triple Wall Display Case Empty RARE
Triple Wall Display Case Full RARE
Work Table
Wrapping Table Empty
Wrapping Table Full

Other Item Credits:
Himiko 3D Mesh People YO_V.Couple-walk,, YO_V.boy-007 available on MP Store:
Meshed Potato – Handbag Girl Mesh
Ginger Tabby (pack of 4 static poses)
JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection – Wanderer:
Astralia – Gardening Time gacha (shears)

Exile Catrine hair, available at the current round of Anthem, which runs through April 30th:
Tres Blah Buttondown, 75L for Saturday Sale:
Safira Darlene Capri Jeans #10:
Dust Bunny & Consignment wildflower sneakers in Grey:

Sidewalk and roadway created using 6KW FULL PERM Construction MEGA TEXTURES FATPACK
available on MP for only 100 (work really well!)
“Town” background created using images I found on the internet

That time we ran away…

…to that little pink hotel in Miami Beach. And the staff placed Lovebirds in our room. We stared at each other and the sea in wonder. Yeah that never happened. But it’s a nice thought, n’est-ce pas? The oh so pink and pretty walls of the Haikei Whatever you Got gacha Rare building and unKindness’ Palm Beach Bedroom set inspired the runaway thoughts this week. And I can’t fail to mention that the outfit I am wearing by Cosmic Dust is on sale today for Fifty Linden Fridays!

unKindness’ Palm Beach Bedroom, T|L|C Animal’s Lovebirds and Seagulls make up the Miami Beach Hotel Fantasy

The vibe of the unKindness Palm Beach bedroom is on point, with the slated console and nightstand in light wood and the soft tropical print of the covers and pillows on the bed. I particularly love the combo of fabric designs on the pillows.

Love the pillow prints and the soft rumple of the bedcover.

Sponsored Item Credits:
unKindness Palm Beach Bedroom: pictured in scene are the bed, nightstand, console, beach art prints v1, v2, and v3, and table lamps in teal and white versions. The set also comes with more lamp colors, and a choice of two room divider screens not seen here. Available at the main store:
T|L|C Animals Lovebirds (pot version) and Seagulls (I used the hovering version here which stays in place, but they also have circling ones), all are available at the main store:

Other Item Credits:
Haikei Whatever you Got gacha RARE
Mithral Calathea Majestica (Pack B) and Hanging Monstera Adansonii Trellis (Silver)
Silence Clara Office gacha Book Stack in Pink

SALE Item!
Cosmic Dust Amiee Outfit in Bloom Pattern on sale for FLF, available at main store: