Living Large in Small Spaces with Ease, by Lagom

Ease is something a lot of us don’t have nowadays with the way the world is, but you can create an environment of it with Lagom’s lovely new release by the same name, available at the current round of Access, now through May 8th. It’s a gacha that contains all you need to create a relaxing escape for yourself. The Skybox is adorable and the colors of the furniture and decor are so soothing and comfy.

At ease in the cozy comfy Skybox and decor of the Lagom Ease set

I love the detail of the lights that lace around the the furniture and decor, giving it a soft, pretty feel. One of my favorite pieces is the shelf that sits above the bed. It snugs perfectly into the corner of the skybox (and probably any other home corner space) and is the perfect ledge to set your favorite knick knacks on (or favorite group gift little plants like I did).

Lagom Ease Shelf and Frames. Most of the plants on this shelf are group gifts, see the credits for details!

I also love that in the frames and polaroids you can add your own pictures, like those I have in the above shot. If you are looking for a lovely little skybox escape in soothing tones, get over to Access and check out the Ease set by Lagom.

Sponsored Item Credits:
Lagom Ease Set, available at access now through May 8th:
In the gacha are: Skybox (RARE), Stool, Vanity, Bed (RARE), Frames, Shelf, Polaroid, Drawers Mirror, Chair, Sidetable, Rug
Lagom Messy Missy Gacha Hanger (Rare): available at the main store:

Other Item Credits:
Soy Green plants with a coiled vase tall/white, small/white
Half Deer Sweet Dream Slippers Gacha – Puppies
Merak Je t’aime wall sign

Plants on Shelf (left to right):
Haikei Belong to You Gacha 5
Mithral String of Hearts Bottle (Flat) Group Gift
Ariskea Succulent Plant Group Gift
Ariskea Succulent Plant Silver Group Gift
hive silver dollar eucalyptus Group Gift
Fancy Decor Potted Succulent
Ariskea Pottery Pot [Green] Group Gift
Ariskea Eucalyptus Branches Vase 2 Group Gift
CELESTE – Silver Bunny Planter – Grass
Ariskea Group gift Terrarium
Ariskea main store: secondlife://XOXO/121/79/42
hive main store:
Mithral main store:

On Vanity (left to right):
Ariskea Yellow Flowers Vase Group Gift
moss&mink Face Creams (Luxe)
moss&mink Face Wipes (Luxe)
Movement – Hair tools organizer (gacha)
peaches THOT Mess Scattered Makeup
Dahlia – Dolled up – Brushes – Natural 20 (gacha)
Nutmeg Delicate Glamor gacha Small Vintage Perfume
Nutmeg Delicate Glamor gacha Large Vintage Perfume
Nutmeg Delicate Glamor gacha Hand Mirror

On Sidetable:
Elm Skincare Serenity Potted Plant and Bookstack
Nutmeg Tidy Pastels Clock White

On Bed: peaches Tap That App – Laptop
peaches Bae’s Journal – SummerOn Drawers:
Mithral String of Hearts Bottle (Hanging) Group Gift
Dahlia – Elwood – Beauty Clutter – Gold

Lazy Spring Afternoon

How I love a lazy midweek spring afternoon…which I never really get unless on vacation! Soooo….why not have one in Second Life?! That’s what I say. Today’s lazy spring afternoon scene is brought to you by WRONG, T|L|C Animals, and LOVE Essentials Grass Collection, and an oldie but goodie Cheeky Pea Hammock.

Lazy Spring Afternoon’s are the best

WRONG’s Pergola comes completely furnished with a Media TV option. I did not include the TV in the full scene but an example of what that looks like is below and would make a great backyard gathering area for friends to watch TV.

WRONG’s Wooden Pergola with the Media TV

The furniture in the Wooden Pergola, which comes in light and dark options, is a lovely neutral, complimentary to any decor style. All elements can be unlinked and used themselves, which is fabulous. The poses are lovely and the rug is really nice, I can see using it a lot in the future.

Any outdoor scene is always enhanced by landscaping, and T|L|C Animals makes that super easy with the Goldfish pond with Waterfall Set. You just plonk it down and it fits perfectly! I love that. The rocks, water, fish, and foliage is all included. What is super cool is that it has clickable lights so if you want to enjoy a nighttime scene, you can light up the pond, a nice touch.

T|L|C’s Goldfish Pond with lights

Sponsored Item Credits:
WRONG Wooden Pergola:
T|L|C Animals Goldfish pond with Waterfall Set
and Little Thieves (the bunnies):

Other Item Credits:
LOVE Essential Grasses 15, 16, & 20:
Hayabusa Design Sakura Yedoensis, Tree – Forest M1-1 OPTT, Field of Grass HD-W M1 v1-1a, and Sakura Forest 5 Tree Sculpture 2015 TS:
Cheeky Pea Boho Dreamtime Hammock Cloud (Adult) w/stand:
JIAN Southern Shelties Gacha 8. Sleeping Sheltie:
Ariskea [Lovely ] Yellow Flowers Vase:
PLAAKA Rattan Basket Planter Dypsis Lutescens (gacha):

Sophisticated yet Cheeky

Sophisticated yet cheeky, that’s how I like to think of myself. Whether that is actually true, who knows, but I love anything with an unexpected whimsical twist, it always makes me smile. And it turns out a couple of my sponsors, ChiMia and InsurreKtion, have both released some super fun items that have that quirky bit of cheek to them that brings on the smiles, or smirks–and all available for a limited time at a special price!

I had purchased the latest weekend steal deal from Scarlet Creative, the Great Elm Cottage and its corresponding furniture pack. It has this quirky little raised alcove in it, that at first I was not sure what to put in it. Then I recalled the Rothchild Bar Stool Set from crate and thought, “I’ll use that and make it a little drink and conversate nook! Perfection!” And what better way to spark a conversation than to showcase cheeky art pieces all around it.

Sunshine streaming into the beautiful Great Elm Cottage decked out in a style I like to call Whimsical Sophistication

The Skateboard pic seen above is from the Weird Art Collection by ChiMia and is a new favorite! InsurreKtion is a new sponsor (thank you!) and I just love their stuff. It’s so well done and unique, like the Wild Cabinet, shown below in the Zebra brushed fabric option. And their latest release–the Adam & Eve Lamps! The Eve has the switch in the “nippular area” as Rachel would say on Friends.

The InsurreKtion Wild Cabinet and Eve Lamp, also seen are the beautiful Acrid candle light from ball in gemstone and white marble options. On the wall is one of the artworks from the ChiMia collection. And how great is the Bunny also from the Weird Art Collection by ChiMia in the midst of the Bee Designs Funny Pet Collection Pictures?!

Adam of course has his switch in his nether regions, love it! The lamps come in 3 different options and have 3 levels off brightness when you switch them on. I’ve chosen the “Chocolate” wood option but they also come in black and honey colored options.

Adam lamp from InsurreKtion show with a fave of mine, the Nerd bookends from LISP.

So, to add to your sales shopping list….the ChiMia Weird Art for Mournful Monday (set of 3 pics, the bunny, and the 2 pics seen above the Wild Cabinet) are available at the special price of 150L through April 11th at the main store, The Adam & Eve lamps from Insurrektion are an exclusive gift for 30L Saturday 11th Anniversary fair and that event ends on April 12th Noon SLT. You can get them here:

Until next time, stay cheeky my friends!

Sponsored Item Credits:
ChiMia Weird Art for Mournful Monday, available through April 11th, taxi to ChiMia:
InsurreKtion Adam & Eve Lamps, exclusive gift for 30L Saturday 11th Anniversary fair event ends: April 12th Noon SLT:
InsurreKtion Wild Cabinet available at main store:
Acrid candle light from the ball (gemstone and white marble):
crate Rothchild Bar Stool Full Set:

Other Item Credits:
Bee Designs Funny Pet Posters Gacha 12, 14, 2-3:
Pitaya – Lazy Hanging Planter:
HAIKEI Nostalgia For Autumn Gacha 7
Scarlet Creative Great Elm Cottage, Lyra North Sofa MC, Lyra North Armchair MC, Great Elm Rug, and Tulum Planter Monty:
MINIMAL – Plant Collection Gacha #09 and #12:
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 13:
LISP – Charlotte Nerd Bookends:

Exile Catrine available at the current round of Anthem, which runs through April 30th:
Fleur Sigrit top in snow:
Tres Blah flared jeans original wash:
Fri Sophie Sandals (sierra):

Homestead Dreaming: “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” — Margaret Atwood

The weather is warming and I’ve been out and about digging in the dirt and am finding it so fulfilling! This is the first year I am trying my hand at gardening, a simple raised bed of lettuce and container tomatoes and peppers. Did you know that dirt contains Mycobacterium vaccae, a bacterium that’s been found to trigger the release of serotonin, which in turn improves mood and possibly even brain function. No wonder people get hooked on gardening!

In an interesting role reversal, my daily life has inspired my Second Life. With the help of items from this spring’s Deco(c)rate, Sari-Sari, and one of my new sponsors │T│L│C│ Animals, I was able to create the Homestead of my dreams!

Homestead Dreaming

In creating scenes, especially those of the outdoor kind, animals play such a quintessential role in adding that special something, that feel of “life” to a scene. │T│L│C│ Animals does such a wonderful job on their creations, the animals have sounds you can turn on and off as you wish, which is really great. However, I loved hearing the chickens cluck about while I worked today, it really adds such great authentic atmosphere. The Chicken gacha is seriously one to get if you love farm life, so worth it and they are so well done! Also, check out the image below, taken in Firestorm on ultra settings, no photoshop…and it looks so good! Not easy with animals, very impressive.

Chicken gacha 11, hangs out on a broken pot next to a potted plant. Look at those feathers, that face! Fabulous!

And the bunnies, from the Little Thieves set are too cute for words. The animesh ones hop around, stand on their haunches, and sniff the air so sweetly. The set also comes with static bunnies in case you want to save on land impact or want them still in place.

Static Bunny from the Little Thieves Bunny Set by │T│L│C│ Animals. And check out that awesome crate from the Chicken Gacha! This photo is also NOT photoshopped.

Both the Chicken Gacha and the Little Thieves set are available at the │T│L│C│ main store: If you haven’t been there, go for a gander, you are sure to find an animal or two or three you like!

Sponsored Item Credits:
│T│L│C│ Little Thieves Bunny Set and │T│L│C│ Chicken Gacha, both are available at the main store:
KraftWork Converted Greenhouse, available in Deco(c)rate, still available for purchase at the Deco(c)rate headquarters:

Other Item Credits:
Sari-Sari Ladder Shelves & Seedling Trays at the current round of The Warehouse Sale through April 18th:
ChiC buildings Gardener’s Hall Bench Blond, Set Clutter middle
ChiC buildings Garden Potting with Crates
ChiC buildings Ranch Life Open Shed RARE, Crate Table, Single Metal Barrel
Chic buildings Raised Garden Beds (they come empty), all available at the main store:
Botanica Cucumber Peppers Tomatoes Zuch 4×4 row on MP:×4-Patch-Ultra-Light-Prim-5LI-Copy-Mod/5715765
Katy’s Kreations Garden tools in milk can:
8f8 – Primavera in Toscana gacha Clay Pots
Little Branch Persimmon Tree on for 186L:
Hive harvest hay set:
LOVE Essentials Grass 3, 10, 13, 19, 20L:

Weekend Sales and a Super Sexy Bath

I have been lusting after the Cooper bathroom by MudHoney for a hot min…it’s ahhhhhhhmazing. The set includes EVERYTHING you need for a well stocked bathroom, including TP, towels, bath supplies for him and her, rugs, even a flat white coffee and a book to enjoy as you lounge solo or with your special someone in the sexy tub showcased on top of a platform. I love that the set can be rustic or chic depending on the surrounding decor. Hanging the ChiMia Modern Crystal Chandelier, Acrid Candelabra with a History and Architect’s Moncalieri Panel gave this room a modern, industrial chic feel which I love.

The complete MudHoney Cooper Bathroom showcased in Varonis’ Converted Container House and shown with 60L Happy Weekend Sale Items from Acrid (Candles) and Fourth Wall (the bed)

Check out the sink, vanity shelf, mirror and his/her accessories that come with the Cooper Bathroom, as well as the tiered shelf you can practically fully stock with all that’s included in the set.

The poses in the tub are outstanding as well and in the next couple of shots you can also see Moncalieri Panel by Architect flanked by the gorgeous Candelabra with a History candles by Acrid available for only 60L this weekend, and that’s the fatpack with 6 different color/metal options!

Also on sale for 60L this weekend is Fourth Wall’s Odyssey bed, with sheet/cover options from neat to messy, headboard color options, and a menu chock full of something for all different kinds of couples…and a friend of theirs if they want! Pretty furniture with fabulous poses are not easy to come by on the cheap. So go get it!

The Odyssey Bed by Fourth Wall, shown behind Kazza Side River Sofa, Acrid marble table (resized for pic)

Happy Weekend Shopping! The sales are only good for April 3rd and 4th so go go go!

Sponsored Item Credits:
Acrid Candelabra with a History, 60L this weekend, available at main store:
Acrid Marble Table (#1 white: resized for pic, there are 2 color/table style options) available at main store
ChiMia Modern Crystal Chandelier available at main store:
MudHoney Cooper Bathroom includes: Bath bowl, bath (adult), bath platform, bath rug, bath stool, bath towels, body brush, book and flat white, candle, crate 1, crate 2, diffuser, hand towels, her supplies, his supplies, incense, jar, magazines, moisturizers, rolled towels, shampoos, soap dish, tiered shelves, toilet, TP stack, TP stand, Vanity Mirror, Vanity Shelf (also toothbrush cup, towel shelf are not shown) available at main store:

Other Credits:
Fourth Wall Odyssey Bed, 60L this weekend:
Architect – Moncalieri Panel (brown/ivory)
VARONIS – Old Container Conversion
Nutmeg – La Baignoire Towel / 2 Bonus Item
KAZZA – Side River Sofa – couch
{moss&mink} Nikka Palm planter
{moss&mink} Plant – Palm (Black)
Mithral Wall Frame Planter (Metal Pack)
Mithral String of Hearts Bottle (Hanging)
Mithral Calathea Vittata (Pack A)

Doux Chill Hairstyle available at current round of LEVEL:

A Pool for Two…

WRONG has released its Small Pool, a lovely little pool for two! It’s available now through April 16th at Uber Homestown. I was so excited to see it came in several options, the usual light and dark woods, white, and black. Rezzing the black option, I just knew it would look fabulous with the YouNeed Container House I picked up a while back.

WRONG Small Pool in black, attached to the cool Container House by YouNeed.

The Small Pool has steps on two sides leading up to the small platform area surrounding the water. Because of this it was easy to make it an addition to the container house. I added a beach umbrella for shade and a pop of color with the MudHoney Marli Deck Chairs in Yellow. I’d recommend the fatpack, such a classic deck chair style, fabulous poses and a ton of colors. They are available at the MudHoney main store. And speaking of poses, the pool also has plenty of singles and couples poses both in and out of the water.

This dreamy by the side of the pool pose is wonderful for those lazy, sunny afternoon talks. MudHoney’s Marli Deck Chair seen in the background.
Laying on the deck couples pose on WRONG Small Pool

So…in anticipation of warmer weather and fewer clothes–get out there and get the WRONG small pool so you can work on that tan. As, for me, I am going to plop down on one of the MudHoney Marli Deck Chairs and read up on Unicorns…this is the actual book in the first pose on the chair…how delightful is that?!

Unicorns are Great! ACTUAL book on the MudHoney Marli Deck Chair Reading Pose. Nails: Enfer Sombre Maitreya Nail Appliers in Sky, Amala Athena Stacking Rings, Kibitz Wonderful Gem Ring (Group Gift), ears, ufo pearl chain earring.

Sponsored Item Credits:
WRONG Small Pool, available at Uber Hometown through April 16th:
MudHoney Marli Deck Chair Fatpack, available at main store:
WRONG Relax Bed: Dark Wood, Bird version, available at main store:

Other Item Credits:
YouNeed Container House:
Fetch Shore Set Beach Umbrella
YourDreams Summer Backyard Yellow Flip Flops, Glasses and Sunscreen, and Sun Towel
Kazza Studio Lounge Divani Side Table
What Next Cherry and Pineapple Soda Decor
Mithral Calathea Vittata (Pack A)
Concept SAL Yellow Pot
Fancy Decor Luann Art
Hive Decorative Floor Palm
Mithral Wall Frame Planter (Metal Pack)
HAIKEI a vacant house gacha 5 (wall art)
Kazza Join Space Chair Floor Lamp
Kazza Studio Lounge Divani banana palm
Haikei Forever Yours gacha 4 (drawers with decor)

LOVE Essential Grass
LOVE Elowen Trees and ground leaves
Hayabusa Design Sakura Forest 5 Tree Sculpture
Hayabusa Design Tree – Forest M6
Hayabusa Design Tree – Forest M2
SKYE Epic Cliff Type 8

On Her: Legal Insanity Flamingo Bikini, Kuni Boo Hairstyle, Fewness Party Tattoo Mini Collection,
Mimmi Collection Little Hearts Tattoo, Enfer Sombre Maitreya Nail Appliers in Sky, Amala The Athena Stacking Rings, Kibitz Wonderful Gem Ring (Group Gift), and on ears: ufo pearl chain earring
Pose used in Main pic: Loki Kawaii Summer Gacha Pose 6 (tube comes with it and is color change)

On Him: Legal Insanity Milo Hawaii swim trunks

Modern Minimalism: Good, and anything but Bland

Sometimes when I’ve had a busy week running here and there, I love to come home to a clean, minimal space to recover from the noise and chaos. I scored the fabulous Haikei Good & Bland Rare skybox gacha at the current round of the Harajuku event through April 10th. It has such wonderful architectural details which I wanted to honor, so decided to furnish it minimally. While pondering what to use, I noticed the sets from Kazza I’ve collected for 60L over the past several Happy Weekends worked really nicely to create a clean minimal, warm, hygge feel with a hint of the tropical. Let’s take a tour through this little gem, shall we?

Entryway: KAZZA Studio lounge Divani – window and banana palm, MudHoney Rae Ottoman, Console Table, Short and Tall Vases, and Fancy Decor’s Luann Sculpture and Catch-all

The entryway wall above is a nice little area for a console, like the minimal one from MudHoney’s Rae Entryway set, as well as some decor elements and a catch-all for your small items. Moving through the entry hall, I placed Kazza’s Studio lounge set. The lamps and banana palms from this set are ones I use repeatedly–love these pieces. Round and slatted windows are a unique feature of the Haikei Good and Bland skybox that really add a modern feel to the space.

KAZZA Studio lounge Divani set. The table and lamp in this set are some of my favorite go-to items for minimalist decor.
KAZZA Studio lounge Divani – divan, banana palm, lamp and the sweet steps moving up into the living area of the Haikei Good and Bland Skybox

As you ascend the steps from the entryway, the skybox opens up into the living room area and the rest of the skybox, providing an nice open space to chill out and hang. The archways separating the living area, hallway with bathroom access, and back bedroom space are a favorite feature.

Seen in the living area: KAZZA Party! let’s Go! – couch, MudHoney Rae Wall Baskets and Console, Vega Vases (background), KAZZA Join Space Chair (background), and Fancy Decor Bradley Sculpture (background)

The windows along the side of the hallway along with skylights above provide a ton of light, creating a nice bright space during the day…or a nice romantic moonlit space at night.

The long hallway featuring Kazza Sweet Escape set (chair, light, plant) and a peek of the Kazza Studio Lounge Bath

The bathroom has a door that matches the archway, keeping with the modern theme of the skybox, and I love the vertical slats allowing light into the bathroom space, as well as a sexy peek into the shower.

The bathroom: Kazza Studio Lounge Bathroom (sink set, washer, toilet, bidet, and plant), KraftWork Aarhus Bathroom Single Shower and Glass, and Fancy Decor Verona Backlit Mirrors

I was surprised how I could fit a whole bathroom in this space, it’s designed quite nicely and doesn’t feel cramped. If you look closely you can see a narrow slatted window on the other side of the shower…a nice sexy feature too if you want to take a peek from the bed. So much peeking in this post! Speaking of, let’s take a closer peek at the Kazza Join Space Chair, which I used for a small seating area as you enter into the bedroom.

Kazza Join Space Chair set (includes chair, plant, lamp)

Lastly, a lovely nook to lay your head. The bedroom is a nice long room and you can tuck a comfy bed like the Kazza Delight bed into it to create a restful cocoon for yourself after a long day. The bedroom again features those fabulous round windows.

Kazza Delight Bed as the centerpiece of the bedroom, MudHoney Rae Console and Vegas Vases.

And there you have it. A nice sweet place to rest and restore from your week or the frenzy of weekend sale shopping, which I am about to go do now!

Credits: (*not a sponsored post*)
Haikei Good & Bland Gacha Rare available at the current Harajuku event through April 10th:
KAZZA Studio lounge Divani, Party! let’s Go! – couch, Sweet Escape, Studio Lounge Bath, Join Space Chair, and Delight Bed all available at the Kazza Main Store:
MudHoney Rae Entry set and Vega set pieces available at Main Store:
Fancy Decor Verona Backlit Mirrors, Bradley Sculpture, Catch-all and Luann Sculpture:
KraftWork Aarhus Bathroom Single Shower and Glass:

Sitting Pretty

Spring is in full bloom–at Bloom, a new event! MudHoney’s Della Rattan Chairs are the perfect compliment to any outdoor space and they are available now through April 3rd. I love that with a touch you can change the color of the chair itself, and on the chair with pillows version you also have multiple options for the blanket and both pillows. Keep scrolling to see some different options.

MudHoney’s Della Rattan Chairs in white, shown with the Broken Arrows Bloom Set Fatpack, both available at the Bloom Event.

In the main image seen above, placed the chairs in Dust Bunny’s Woodland Dreams Makeshift Gazebo, a sweet piece for spring. I also included the Bloom Set Fatpack, by Broken Arrows. This gorgeous consists of the teapot, hat on the table and the various tea cups with macarons, it’s just delightful.

Broken Arrows Bloom Set also available at the Bloom Event

Let’s take a look at a couple of the other options for the MudHoney Della Rattan Chairs. Next I chose to use the black option on the chairs, and change up the blanket, pillow combo as well. This option gives the chairs a nice modern feel and they look fabulous on the deck of the YouNeed Container Home.

MudHoney Della Rattan Chairs in Black.

And for that classic dark rattan look, I placed the chair in the outside balcony space of the Concept Los Altos house…I do love the yellow blanket with green and white pillow combos here a lot. The chair also comes with an extensive menu of poses, so you’ve got a sit for every mood!

MudHoney Della Rattan Chair in Dark.

There is also a light version, which I’ll let you discover yourself and many other possible color combos for these chairs. I am a big fan of always having options. So get down to the Bloom event and get ’em!

Sponsored Item Credits:
MudHoney Della Rattan Chairs available at bloom event now until April 3rd:

Other Item Credits:
Broken Arrows – Bloom Set Fatpack (Rose Hat, Pile & Macarons, Cup & Macarons, Pile, Teapot)
Dust Bunny Woodland Dreams Makeshift Gazebo
22769 – Patio Rug (Backyard Patio Gacha)
KP Builds aqua tablecloth with white rose lace (only 49L!):
LOVE – Elowen Tree, Elowen Ground Leaves – Berry (in background)

In Black Chair pic: YouNeed Container House, Concept Good Vibes Metal Pot
In Dark Chair pic: Concept Los Altos house

Gettin’ Teaky with It!

ChiMia has put out a midcentury inspired Teak Essentials gacha that is just fabulous and is available at current round of Arcade through March 31st. I chose to furnish my new Alku Skybox from Black Nest with it and I couldn’t be more pleased! The dark walls really make the teak color pop nicely.

ChiMia’s Teak Essentials Gacha seen inside Black Nest’s Alku Skybox

The Alku Skybox has strategically placed windows separating rooms inside, giving it a more open feel. And at 22LI, it can serve as a stylish getaway, date night escape, or second home if you are one who enjoys having more than one space on your land. Speaking of date night, that’s me killing the first bottle of wine as we move into the second hour of analysis of the new Justice League movie. Shane is talkative with a pose from WRONG’s 128-2 pack, available at their main store. The look on my face says it all. My pose is from Junk Food and comes with the wine glass and bottle.

When your date decides to talk about the new Justice League movie while you are standing there barely clothed. At least I am surrounded by pretty furniture!

The side table seen below is one of my favorite pieces in the set. I love the texture used on the wood, really captures the feel of this type of furniture so well.

ChiMia Teak Essentials Side Table

I got the idea to put two of the shelves together and much to my delight they combined rather seamlessly. The shelves have lots of space for books, plants, or decorative objects you may have collected in your inventory.

Two of the shelves that fit together rather seamlessly. Love it!

Lastly, the RARE settee is stylish and seats up to 4. I love the subtle curve of the wood on the back and the subdued pattern of the fabric. The coffee table with it’s glass top is true to that snazzy midcentury style as well.

If you are a fan of Mad Men or mod style, go to The Arcade and get yourself this set, you won’t be disappointed.

Sponsored Item Credits:
ChiMia Teak Essentials Gacha available at the current round of The Arcade through March 31st:
MudHoney Vega Vases, Candle, and Boxes (also seen here) and MudHoney Rae Knot, Rae Book (part of the Rae entryway set) available at main store:
WRONG Bento Static Male Poses 128-2 available at the main store:

Other Item Credits:
Black Nest Alku Skybox available at the current round of Fameshed through March 27th:
::no13:: 004 wood & iron incense HARINOKI (gacha)
Apple Fall Design Books
Apple Fall ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015
Apple Fall Globe w/ Books
Architect Hollywood Dreams Books
riskea Eucalyptus Branches Vase 2 (group gift)
Ariskea Succulent Plant Silver (group gift)
Atelier Burgundy Books (group gift)
Atelier Burgundy + KraftWork Tate Set gacha Abstract Darkness (art above TV)
ChiMia Flatscreen TV
Cinoe Busket radio
Concept Bring Jar big
Concept Well wood bowls
Concept Siracusa Plates
Dreamland Designs Birch Lane Banana Planter
Fancy Decor Garnet Wine
Fancy Decor Cowhide Rug
Fancy Decor Catch-All
KraftWork Puget Sound Sculptures
KraftWork Zen Refuge gacha Buddha Vase
kunst Ashtray, Cigarettes box, lighter
kunst Pro speaker gold metals
kunst Tube Amplifier, CD pile #1, CDRs pile #3, Vinyl albums pile #1 and #2
Minimal Plant Collection Gacha #1, #06, #12
Mithral Bowl Planter
Mithral Dwarf Umbrella Tree
Mithral Monstera Peru
Mithral String of Hearts Bottle Flat, Hanging
Prestige Furniture Remote Control
Sleepy Eddy Headphones
what next Pile of Photos decor

On Him: amias ROBE male
On Her: Dhoma Helen Lingerie
Rosary Femme Robe
Monso Liv Hair, available at the current round of Fameshed:

On Him: WRONG Bento Static Male Poses 128-2, see Sponsored Items Credit for link!
On Her: Junk Food Wine Pour Bottle:

Longing for the Tropics

It was a rainy day here again today, so of course, I was feeling like something tropical…and I found the perfect inspiration in WRONG’S Relax Bed, the By the Bay Console set by UnKindness, ChiMia’s Geode Table and Candles, and MudHoney’s Blaire Hanging Chair. I also used one of my fave items from the latest release of Deco(c)rate, the Mithral Apothecary Wall Planter Display (two are shown here together).

Let’s just stay in bed and look out at the ocean ya?

Wrong’s Relax bed in the Light Wood Tropic version has that perfect vacation home vibe. The bed also comes in white, black, bird, rose patterns and a few other options. It’s available in PG and Adult at WRONG’s main store.

WRONG Relax Bed in Tropic

UnKindness has a chic tropical console set at their main store, and it comes with 2 vases, a pineapple decor item and this fabulous leaning watercolor of flamingos.

The UnKindess Console Decor

MudHoney’s Hanging Blaire Chair, the Kazza Divan, Banana Palm, and ChiMia Geode Table and Minimal Candles completed the sitting area of this spacious room in the Scarlet Creative Monteverde Home. Side note: If you see any of their homes for sale on the weekend for 75Ls….get them.

Sponsored Item Credits:
Wrong Relax: In Light Wood, Tropic:
UnKindness: By the Bay Console Set:
ChiMia Geode Table and Candles:
MudHoney Blaire Hanging Chair:
Mithral Wall Planter Display from Deco(c)rate:

Other Item Credits:
Scarlet Creative Monteverde Villa
Kazza StudioLounge Divan and Banana Palm
hive Tropical Palm Ceiling Fan
hive Decorative Floor Palm – sea mist
moss&mink Nikka Palm planter (❤ get their free Universal Hud to change the color!):
tarte Boho Palm and Plant Stand
KraftWork Oregon Outpost Palm
Fancy Decor Roulin Candlesticks (In Fireplace):