Curing a Case of the Mondays

Some days, one can wake up with the blahs…a case of the Mondays. When I get those, I try to embrace the little things that bring a smile to my face and find comfort in them. Lagom’s pink, girly, cheeky vibe always does that for me. Their Messy Missy set available at the current round of Access, helped me channel that “I am just going to chill and let things fall where they may” vibe.

Staring off into space, a sure sign that you have a case of the Mondays.

Lagom’s Messy Missy set is so delightful in that it has an excellent assortment of clothing to scatter about, but also this cute cute clothing rack wrapped with lights, a dresser with not only a hoodie draped over the edge but also visible clothing in the half-opened drawer. The ottoman I am sitting in front of is also part of that set and the pose I am in is one of the animated poses on it.

The Dresser in Lagom’s Messy Missy set, one of my fave pieces. The hoodie is already on the dresser. Other items on top are from Lagom’s Gumball Babe and Gamer Girl gachas. And of course, the quintessential make you smile item, Lagom’s Octobaby.

Also in the scene from Lagom are items from their Gumball Babe and Gamer Girl gachas. These both are fabulous sets sure to chase the blues away. My fave piece from the Gamer Girl gacha is seen above on the dresser–the mannequin head with the bunny ear hat on it…delightful! Other cute items in that set are the Unicorn Tear Cereal box with lil bits of spilled cereal and the cereal bowl filled to the brim with milk and cereal.

The Gamer Girl gacha has standout pieces as well, including the bed with lighting in the headboard, the mini-fridge with drinks, and the oh-so-sweet gift box with balloons (seen in images above). You know…I think my case of the Mondays might just be dissipating!

Go grab Lagom’s Messy Missy set at the current round of Access, which is running through April 8th:

You can get the other Lagom gachas, Gumball Babe and Gamer Girl, at their main store:

Oh! I almost forgot….see that phone on the tripod in the below pic? That was a 60L Happy Weekend sale item that is still available today! There’s this piece and others from the Beginner Influencer set by Moment. Nab that while you can too!

Actual image of me trying to write a blog post. Why, yes, I am a dork.

Sponsored Item Credits:
Lagom Messy Missy set, at current round of Access:
Lagom Moonlight lamp, Gumball Babe gacha and Gamer Girl gacha, available at Lagom mainstore:

Other Item Credits:
Movement Beginner Influencer, camera on tripod: (still 60L today only)
Mui Electrified Heart (in mouth) and Mimmi Pain Collection #Your Fault (seen in top image on knee) SoKawaiiSunday sale):
Haikei Get Bedd Rare Gacha House
Half Deer Pomeranian Gacha (lay Merle)
PILOT & Can’t Even – Tea (Sleepy)
Half Deer Rainbow Neon Lights (above clothing rack)
Half Deer Simple Cloud Bright White (in background)

Sakura Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask
No Match No Hugs Hair
Candy Doll Dana Shirt Pale Rose and Dana Shorts (ombre)
Fleur Basketweave Knit Socks
Mimmi Collection #Little Hearts Face Tattoo_Lelutka at current Saki event:
I am wearing my usual head, body and skin, Lelutka Lilly and Camille skin by The Skinnery, with Spring Bloom Liv Autumn Neutral Brows, Psycho Kitty Serena’s Dream Eyes, WarPaint I Woke Up Like This, Lelutka Add-on BoM blush and freckles, and IDTTY faces eyeshadow, Lelutka Sunrise Bay 5 (was on sale this weekend)

Deco(c)rate Sneak Peek, Happiness is Homegrown…with Your Dreams

Being the eager beaver blogger that I am…I may have snatched something out of the Deco(c)rate before it was ready for prime time. You saw a teeny sneak peek in an earlier post, but now I am happy to give you the fully sanctioned sneak of the Westwing Corner set by Your Dreams for Deco(c)rate. If you have not ordered your Deco(c)rate yet, for the love of all that is decor go get it now while it’s half price! Here’s your taxi to the Deco(c)rate Headquarters:

The Westwing Sofa, Chair, and Table seen inside the Hisa English Garden Shed (an amazing Group Gift from Hisa)

The Westwing corner set consists of a lovely sofa, chair, coffee table that are seen above. You might also see items that seem familiar to you…the sweet as pie lovebird’s nest, tulip basket, and vinca basket. You can see closeups of the flowers and bird’s nest in one of my earlier posts here (coloring is different due to windlight used).

A closer look at the chair/coffee table included in the Westwing corner set. I love the detailing on the coffee table legs. If you are a follower of this blog you might recognize the bird’s nest and tulip basket in this scene as well from an earlier post , they are included in the Westwing Corner Set.

One thing that makes furniture and decor seem more “real” are those imperfections we see on them in real life, and something I so appreciate that creators do in Second Life. When something that is supposed to be soft is too perfectly squared off, it just doesn’t seem quite right. Take a look at a closeup of the chair below, I love love love the detail on the cushion. It looks like someone has sat in it before and that it is actually stuffed. The stitching is especially pleasing to the eye!

From the stitching on the cushions to the woodgrain of the chair frame and table, the Westwing Corner set from Your Dreams is lovingly crafted.

Now, if you are not a group member of Hisa you are missing out. The English Garden Shed is a gift for group members and it is such a wonderful piece. It is so gorgeously textured in a distressed way. The flowers along the base of the shed and the vines/flowers climbing the front posts are a touch that brings a smile. Here’s another look at it below.

Hisa’s English Garden Shed StayHome Group Gift. Get. It.

So, this will be the last time I tell you…go get that Deco(c)rate at the pre-release price of 1500L. Definitely worth it for all the amazing items that you will get inside it. You can find all the info you need to know on it here: After March 14th, it bumps up to full price, 3000L.

Sponsored Item Credits from Deco(c)rate:
Your Dreams Westwing Corner: You can also order the Deco(c)rate from Your Dreams main store at:
Serenity Style Spring Colors Breakfast Tray (on coffee table–linked version with items on it)

Other Credits:
HISA – English Garden Shed and Bushes (Group Gift):
DRD – Boho Backyard – Rugs
Apple Fall Hanging Wicker Basket
Zen Creations Happiness is Homegrown Set, comes with art on wall as well as the stand with plants and pots on it seen in background (only 79Ls on MP, good deal):
KraftWork Oregon Outpost Hanging Plant
vespertine hanging succulents. – mistletoe cactus
Nutmeg Charming Zen Mugs
Little Branch RedBradFord Trees
Kidd Long Grass
CELESTE – Grunge Fence

Deco(c)rate Sneak Peek, Embracing Simplicity with Minimal

Minimal has created a darling piece called the Flower Passageway for Deco(c)rate. So many possibilities with this one! The passageway can be used as part of an estate garden, addition to an existing home, or a pleasant throughway to a waterside pier. I can even picture it as a wonderful wedding archway right out of a Jane Austen novel like Sense & Sensibility.

The Flower Passageway by Minimal for this spring’s Deco(c)rate

The piece itself is such a standout, I didn’t want to distract from it with a lot of other things, so I embraced the idea of simplicity. The thought of horses wandering an estate is so dreamy, so I went in search of some that wouldn’t break the bank. Luckily, I was able to find all the horses seen in the images on Marketplace for a bargain! The horse I am standing next to comes with that pose for only 100L. The others are 10L to 99L. I love the walking horse, which adds a lovely sense of movement. The quality of these animals is outstanding, especially for the price. Links are below in the credits.

Seen under the archway are a pair of chairs from Kalopsia’s contribution to Deco(c)rate, called “Charlie’s Garden Set.” Completing the scene are Primavera in Toscana Clay Gacha Pots, grass from Fundati, trees from HPMD, and dirt pathway from Roots. The gated fence in the background is the Tuscan fence from Goose.

A closer peek a Minimal’s Flower Passageway and the Kalopsia Charlie Garden Chair (2 chair and multiple pillow options)

Make haste if you haven’t ordered your Deco(c)rate yet! Only 2 more days remain to get it for 50% off! After March 14th, it will be full price. Also, Deco(c)rate also has a new in-world group just for Deco(c)rate fans. Join and grab the adorable free gift! You can find out all you need to know about Deco(c)rate here:

Sponsored Item Credits:
Minimal’s Flower Passageway and Kalopsia’s Charlie Garden Chairs, exclusively for the Spring Deco(c)rate, there is a kiosk to purchase the Deco(c)rate at Minimal’s main store: or at the Deco(c)rate Headquarter’s:

Other Item Credits:
HPMD Shrub 3 NEW at main store: secondlife://HAPPYMOOD/88/92/23 (seen by pots and behind the Flower passageway)
3D Trees: Poplar aspen SEASONAL
Fundati’s Great Grass fatpack
GOOSE – Tuscan fence
Primavera in Toscana Clay Pots
Spotted Brown Grazing Horse (10Ls!):
Brown Walking Horse:
Grey Grazing Horse:
Brown Standing Horse Prop, Patting Horse:

Tres blah flared jeans
Pixicat Lilly Top Flowered Small
No Match No Hugs Hair, at current round of Uber:

Sneak Peek of Your Dreams of Spring!

Your Dreams sneak peek, coming soon. This item includes a large corner palette sofa, basket of tulips, bird’s nest, and vinca basket. The colors are reminiscent of a lovely spring afternoon in full bloom.

I love the wood grain and the “burned in” logo on the palette sofa, which also has cute pillows piled on it. The detailing of the tulip petals is incredible and I just adore the love birds in their nest watching over their eggs.

Inspired by that color palette of the Your Dreams set, I immediately thought of the sweet items available from Lagom to help create a dreamy scene. The Lagom Butterflies and Petalrains helped to create a dreamy background for the piece.

Wide shot of the Your Dreams Westwing Set along with Lagom’s Butterflies and Petalrains (the light streams and petals floating down from the treetops).

Lagom’s Butterflies simply must be seen up close to appreciate the care in detail that has gone into their creation. They are slightly transparent and I think will work beautifully inside as well as outside a home. They come in a variety of pretty pastel colors such as white, blue, purple and pink, and in a choice of single or dual toned.

Bargain alert! The Mesh & More Bunny seen in the foreground by the Basket of Tulips is only 29Ls on MP and makes for an adorable addition to any spring time scene.

Sponsored Item Credits:
Your Dreams items: coming soon, be on the lookout for it!

Lagom Butterflies and Lagom Petalrains: available at the main store:

Other Credits:
Little Branch Red Bradford Tree and Weeping Willow Tree
Onsu Princeton House
Mesh & More White Rabbit, available on Marketplace:

Deco(c)rate Sneak Peek and Weekend Sales Recap!

Oh foliage in Second Life, how do I love thee?! Greenery always adds that extra special something, making your home feel like a home. Mithral Apothecary has always been one of my go-to stores for plants, so I am so thrilled to be able to bring you a sneak peek of their Wall Planter Display that will be included in this spring’s Deco(c)rate along with some of the super sales items I snatched up this weekend!

In the main image seen below, I have showcased Mithral’s Wall Planter Display with the TROPIX Street Door Step BackDrop that I got on sale this weekend for 75Ls. The Tropix backdrop is a wonderful piece for photographers and bloggers alike, and is available in 6 different options.

Mithral Wall Planter Display in two-tone option B, hung outside on the Tropix Street Door Step BackDrop

This Wall Planter Display by Mithral works well outside or inside. I selected one of the three two-toned options available for the outside scene above. It also has six other single-color options, for a total of nine! Yes, nine coloring options! That means, whatever your decor style, you are sure to find one that works.

Also on sale this weekend, the Scarlet Creative Monteverde House, for 75Ls. This home is so chic and a must buy for beach house lovers. I created a little reading nook in the house with MudHoney’s Briar Beanbag (one of my favorite comfy chairs), the classic Zoete arch lamp from Loft & Aria, and beautiful abstract canvases from Fancy Decor. I went with the blush single-color option on the Mithral Wall Planter Display this time and I think it looks gorgeous.

The Mithral Wall Planter Display, in blush, available in this Spring’s Deco(c)rate, at home in the Scarlet Creative Monteverde House.

I am not going to share ALL the options included for the Mithral Wall Planter Display as you want some surprise when opening your Deco(c)rate, don’t you?! However, I do want to share a close-up with you of the vase style and one of the plants in the set. Mithral items are always created with a tremendous attention to detail and this one is no exception. The single colors still have variation and texture and the leaves of the plants are lovingly detailed. So wonderful!

Check out the detail and texture of Mithral’s Wall Planter Display–delightful!

You can pre-order your Deco(c)rate now through March 14th for 50% off! After that, it will be full price. Also, Deco(c)rate also has a new in-world group just for Deco(c)rate fans. Join and grab the adorable free gift! You can find out all you need to know about Deco(c)rate here:

Sponsored Item Credits:
Mithral Apothecary’s Wall Planter Display, available in the Spring Deco(c)rate, there is a kiosk to purchase the Deco(c)rate at Mithral’s main store: or at the Deco(c)rate Headquarter’s:
MudHoney Briar Beanbag Chairs: full post, links, seen here:

Weekend Sale Item Credits:
Tropix Street Door Step BackDrop:
Scarlet Creative Monteverde Home:

Other Item Credits:
JIAN Silly Shibes II Black and Tan Wander Pup
Fancy Decor Abstract Canvases
ChiMia Magazine Stack [Light]
Scarlet Creative Monteverde Curtains – Jute, White Sofa, and Rug (Patterned Blue)
Bee Designs Boho Decor Gacha 10 (seen above fireplace)

Tres Blah Flared Jeans, FurtaCor Nadia Top, Petite Mort Navajo Sandals
No Match No Hugs hair, available at current round of Uber:
Tentacio Funny Life Gacha Mom Call Me (phone in hand)

Lazy Afternoon…but I really meant to do the laundry, I swear!

Having visited the latest round of Uber and indulged myself in a few purchases, I was ready to come home and chill in a laid back environment. I love cluttered, “lived-in” looking decor scenes, but often have a little trouble fighting my inner drive toward clean minimalism in order to create them (and possibly a tendency to be Type A). Something I am working on! The cluttered, lived-in decor scene thing, that is…I’ve accepted and am at peace with my Type A tendencies.

MudHoney’s laundry set, along with their Vega Dresser set, and MYSA’s Sova Bed help create this lived-in look in the Scarlet Creative Ana Loft. Scruffster, a Jian Southern Sheltie, sleeps the day away at the foot of the bed.

MudHoney’s Laundry set, available at their main store, is so helpful in helping you create that messy, lived-in feel that is so fun to see in Second Life. It comes with so many items of clothing, in both “floor” and “ledge” options. The ledge option lets you lay the clothes over the edge of furniture, which is key to achieving that lived-in look. It also comes with a laundry basket overflowing with clothes, as seen below.

The laundry basket overfloweth!

I positioned some of the “ledge” option clothes on top of MudHoney’s Vega Dresser Set. All the decor seen, except the clothing and camera, come with the Vega Dresser Set. A wonderful thing about this set is you have lots of options to choose from in terms of wood or paint finish as well as different metal options for the drawer pulls, which makes it a classic, yet versatile piece to have.

MudHoney’s Vega Dresser Set, with a pair of socks and t-shirt hanging off its edge. The vintage camera is from Fancy Decor.

Also cozy comfy and lived-in looking is the MYSA Sova Bed seen fully in the main images. It’s available in PG and Adult versions at MYSA’s main store. I love that this bed has wood frame, pillow and blanket options as well as an abundance of fabulous bento poses, including the reading one in the main title image annnnnd….sleeping under the covers!

Grab a few winks…or like Shane, lay awake pondering when you are going to do that laundry, but at least you’ll be nice and warm under the covers! I am wearing the cute, new No Match hair No Hugs, available at the current round of Uber.

The Sova bed set also comes with a nightstand which you can texture change to match whichever style frame you choose for the bed. I really like the distressing detail on the metal and the wood grain on both pieces.

On top of the nightstand is Cinoe’s Busket radio, KraftWork’s Everyday Life Clutter set and Acrid’s Slender Vase. Below the nightstand are a set of books that are a gift to group members of Atelier Burgundy and Sari-Sari’s Boehmian Summer Magazine Stand

Inspired by the industrial feel of the Scarlet Creative Ana Loft, which I covered extensively in a previous post, I decided to hang the MYSA Industrial Frames up above the bed. The pulley feature on this really gives it an authentic style.

Le sigh….Guess I’ll go do the laundry now!

Sponsored Item Credits:
MYSA Sova Bed Adult, Industrial Frames:
MudHoney Vega Dresser Set, Laundry Full Set:

No Match No Hugs and Dead Doll Lounge Bralette and Briefs, both at the current round of Uber:

Other Credits:
Scarlet Creative Ana Loft Skybox
YouNeed! Orb ceiling lamp – Nevi BLACK
JIAN Southern Shelties Gacha 8. Sleeping Sheltie
malone rug
Sari-Sari – Bohemian Summer – Magazine Stand
Acrid Slender Vase
Cinoe Busket radio
KraftWork Everyday Life Clutter in Fall option
Atelier Burgundy Books (gift)
Concept Good Vibes Metal Pot
[MMc] Guitar & Stand-Strat-Black
BIGBULLY City Map Prints – Istanbul, Turkey – COMMON
Fancy Decor: Davidson Framed Map and Vintage Camera
Elm. Men’s Grooming Kit – Beard Oil & Balm
Mithral Wall Frame Planter (Metal Pack) and Monstera Peru (Pack C)

Up to Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere

I’ve been struggling the last few days with the blogger equivalent of writer’s block. I think because I am fairly new to blogging, I still feel the need to prove myself as a blogger and make each post bigger and better than the next. It’s pressure only from myself, I know this. So….I decided to chill, just hang out and allow the creative juices to simmer a bit.

In search of chill, I rezzed crate’s Heavenly Hemp Bench in aqua on the edge of the shoreline at my place. It also comes in a purple version. Playing with the poses, I stumbled into a fun scene. Sometimes when you are up to nothing, you catch something.

crate’s Heavenly Hemp Bench Closeup, original shot, no photoshop filters, so you can see true colors

Like all things crate this one has fun details, the graffiti on the sides of the vending machine is fabulous. I can’t get enough of that panda!

On crate’s packaging is a lovely sentiment “created with the best intentions.” I love this and it’s really what my motive is with my blog. Some of my posts will be better than others, but hopefully you will always feel the care with which I create them. And if you are putting pressure on yourself with anything (especially something creative), remember sometimes something wonderful happens when you are doing nothing, so give yourself a break. Till the next time!

Sponsored Item Credits:
crate Heavenly Hemp Bench:

Other Credits:
FurtaCor Nadia Top, RKKN Leah Military Pants Camo, tram G0819, Semller – Worn Canvas Hi Tops Tape Edt Cream, Lelutka Gum Gum Boom

In the Still of the Night

When your backyard backs up to the woods, there’s nothing like peeking out the window in the quiet of the night and spotting deer enjoying a leisurely rest stop. Now, spotting a bear may be another story. Thankfully, there are no bears where I live!

The Rest Zone by WRONG is the perfect outdoor venue in which to chill, watch some Netflix, or just quietly listen to the sounds of nature. This piece was at an earlier round of Uber, but can now be found at the main store inworld.

The Rest Zone comes in light or dark wood. The wood and stonework are really well done. I love the detailing between the wood beams and the roof, reminiscent of antlers, that gives it that extra woodland vibe.

The furniture has a slated base and leather upholstery, also lending a rugged outdoor vibe, but still sophisticated. There is a blanket that drapes nicely on the sofa, and the fabric of it and the cushion are a nice neutral design that will go nicely with other decor.

Closeup of the Sofa and coffee table of the Rest Zone by WRONG. Coffee table decor from my inventory, credits at the end of the blog.

The fireplace is created as an open space, giving you the freedom to insert fire logs or candles or well, whatever you want! I went with fire logs I had in my inventory from FAYDED. There are a steal and 50L on Marketplace and fill the space nicely. I added Half Deer basic string lights along the wood beams at the sides and also hung an antler chandelier by Pretty Props. Y’all, this chandelier is only 40L on marketplace, the lights click on/off, has 3LI, and you get 3 different colors in the pack. What a steal!

Antler Chandelier by Pretty Props
FAYDED Fire logs

One final bargain for you, the animated deer family seen in the main image are only 80L on marketplace and make a lovely addition to any woodland setting. Both the male and female deer bend their heads gently to the ground to feed and gracefully lift them back up again, which is a wonderful, and I find, calming sight to see.

Sponsored Item Credits:
Rest Zone by Wrong:

Other Credits:
On coffee table: KraftWork Magnolia Nuts Bowl, Fancy Decor: Birch Candles, and
Atelier Burgundy + KraftWork Tate Set . Decorative Wood Bowl
Half Deer Basic String Lights
Pretty Props Antler Chandelier:
FAYDED fire logs:

LOVE 1 prim forest
Little Branch Crispy Grass
Animated Deer Family:

Saturday in the Sun is so Right with WRONG!

WRONG has come out with several outdoor pieces that make setting up a fun summer home easy peasy! Take a dip in their Donut pool during the day and cozy up in a media equipped pergola for a good cuddle and movie at night in the Pergola Sirius set. The Sirius set is available now at the new Uber Hometown event through March 16th. The Donut Pool is available at the current round of Equal10 through March 5th.

WRONG’s Sirius Pergola and Donut Pool sets a summer scene along with other poolside decor items from my inventory (Full Credits at the end of the blog)

The Pergola Sirius has both light and dark options. I am showing the light one in this post. The rug with cushions comes in multiple light or dark options as well! It’s also available in PG or Adult. I love the detail of the wrinkling on the rug and textures of the pillows, very nice. I tested the TV and it works without a hitch. The curtains add a lovely breezy feel.

Love texture “feels” I get from the pillows and wrinkles in the rug.

The Donut Pool is a fun piece, coming with donut floaties in several color options, a sunken seating area with fire for nighttime ambience if you want it. The teal on the cushions is such a happy and energetic color. The header image with me diving into the pool is one of the dive animations in the pool. And Shane is sitting in a pose included on the floating donut. So much fun!

I love that WRONG has made these pieces simple and clean, allowing you to add your own personality and style to them with decor. In this scene, I also placed the super cute What Next Cooler Camper, which is on sale this weekend, such a joyful little piece to have by the pool.

What Next Camper Cooler on sale for Fifty Linden Fridays. The Bikini Point sign is a group gift from KraftWork. KraftWork has a lot of really nice group gifts if you haven’t joined the group and got them yet, I’d recommend it!

Sponsored Item Credits:
WRONG Donut Pool available at Equal10 through March 5th:
WRONG PERGOLA SIRIUS available at Uber Hometown through March 16th:

Other Credits:
What Next Camper Cooler (on sale for Fifty Linden Friday but check might still be there):
Bee designs A Day At The Beach Gacha 7 (sign on pool), Half-Deer Life Preserver Ring, What Next Summertime Radio Decor and Seashell and Pineapple Drink Dispenser, Merak Closed Umbrella, Pool Towel Rack, and Pool Balls Basket, Bee Designs Boho Decor Gacha 6 & 7 (Cushion and Guitar inside pergola), KraftWork Bikini Point GIFT, hive falling coconuts sign, Your Dreams Relaxing Shower Flip Flops (Blue on pool edge and Pink inside pergola), hive large palm plant (inside pergola), MERAK Xmas Movie Night Gacha 4 (inside pergola), Cheeky Pea Margarita Beach Tiki Torch, KIDD long grass, DaD Pebbles, 3D TREES Palm Trees, and Studio Skye EPIC Waterfall Wall

Worn: Lagom Plage Tropicale [Esmeralda Swimset] RARE
Clawtooth Rainy Day Hair

Raclette pour une

Thursdays, for me, have become a wonderful day of introvertive (is that a word?) recovery time. It’s one of the only days of the week I have no responsibilities to anyone else. It’s a day I love to pull my hair back, put on my warmest, fuzziest socks, kick back, log in to SL and play around with scene creation.

ChiMia’s Raclette Night Decor (Individual Wine Glass seen on table not included)

ChiMia’s Raclette Night Decor is one which I wish I had in my first life! I love the label on the wine bottle, the texture of the wood on the cheese board and the veggies. Delightful! It channels my sincere love of futzing in SL with a glass of wine and munching on cheese, veggies and such. Check out the close-ups below!

Check out that wood grain and the shadowing underneath and between the cheese slices and the board.
It’s the little things–the seeds in the tomato slices and the varied texture of the mushroom slices–that make me smile

For non-introverts, it also adds a lovely romantish or classy party ambience to an evening not spent alone as well.

Pick up the ChiMia Raclette Night Decor at their mainstore now:

Other Credits:
Trompe Loeil – Valdis Cliffside Ranch
Decor Junction & Shutterfield Coffee Table
Chez Moi Wine Glass Red (a wearable I placed on the table)
Fleur Basketweave Knit Socks