Let it Rain, we’ll stay in…(and shop the weekend sales)

Wrong has released its Spark bed set for the current round of equal10 that is running now through May 5th. Available in Adult/PG, in several options OR fatpack, where you get ALL the options. The fatpack is nice with this set I have to say, as each different bed color option comes with different art.Continue reading “Let it Rain, we’ll stay in…(and shop the weekend sales)”

Sneak Peek of Your Dreams of Spring!

Your Dreams sneak peek, coming soon. This item includes a large corner palette sofa, basket of tulips, bird’s nest, and vinca basket. The colors are reminiscent of a lovely spring afternoon in full bloom. I love the wood grain and the “burned in” logo on the palette sofa, which also has cute pillows piled onContinue reading “Sneak Peek of Your Dreams of Spring!”

Up to Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere

I’ve been struggling the last few days with the blogger equivalent of writer’s block. I think because I am fairly new to blogging, I still feel the need to prove myself as a blogger and make each post bigger and better than the next. It’s pressure only from myself, I know this. So….I decided toContinue reading “Up to Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere”

Luxe Leisure Time

MudHoney’s Briar Beanbag Chairs, available now at FaMeshed X through March 6th, are gorgeous examples of comfy chic that I just love. You can almost feel the brushed suede texture of them. I placed the pair in the Trompe Loeil Cliffside house, available now at Collabor88 through March 6th as well. The Rae Entry Set,Continue reading “Luxe Leisure Time”

Gothic Romance

When I laid eyes on the ChiMia Oak Four Poster bed, it conjured up notions of a gothic romance in my head and immediately wanted to create a scene for it. The gorgeous Paname apartment and Hera Iris curtains, also by ChiMia, contributed greatly to the setting. The bed set, which includes the traveling trunkContinue reading “Gothic Romance”

Creating a Bridal Suite

It was such a pleasure creating the bridal suite for Jesie, who got married yesterday! Recovering from the festivities today, I thought it might be nice to capture the space in which we all got dressed, did our hair and makeup, and checked to be sure no unwanted bits were poking through dresses before sendingContinue reading “Creating a Bridal Suite”

The Glory of a Good Kitchen

Slowly sipping my coffee in a quiet kitchen as the sun comes up and the rest of the world is still sleeping is on my list of one of the greatest “little” pleasures in life. I had one of those mornings this morning. In appreciation of it, I decided to set out the Pitaya “LaContinue reading “The Glory of a Good Kitchen”

Of Friendships and Random Inventory Objects: A Bachelorette Party Story

In Life….and in Second Life…there are things about which one should never underestimate the importance. First, friendships. Second, those random objects you save just because you never know when they will come in handy. This post is about those things. I was so tickled when my long-time friend Jesie (over 5 yrs–which in SL timeContinue reading “Of Friendships and Random Inventory Objects: A Bachelorette Party Story”

Fetch’s Fetching Fifty Linden Friday Bed

This Friday, January 15th, Fetch has a great deal on their Sloppy Bed. You can buy either the PG or Adult version for only 50L. If you chanced to catch my previous post on the KraftWork Murphy Bed, you know how I adore furniture with options. What I love about this bed is it’s HudfulContinue reading “Fetch’s Fetching Fifty Linden Friday Bed”