That time we ran away…

…to that little pink hotel in Miami Beach. And the staff placed Lovebirds in our room. We stared at each other and the sea in wonder. Yeah that never happened. But it’s a nice thought, n’est-ce pas? The oh so pink and pretty walls of the Haikei Whatever you Got gacha Rare building and unKindness’Continue reading “That time we ran away…”

Curing a Case of the Mondays

Some days, one can wake up with the blahs…a case of the Mondays. When I get those, I try to embrace the little things that bring a smile to my face and find comfort in them. Lagom’s pink, girly, cheeky vibe always does that for me. Their Messy Missy set available at the current roundContinue reading “Curing a Case of the Mondays”

Lazy Afternoon…but I really meant to do the laundry, I swear!

Having visited the latest round of Uber and indulged myself in a few purchases, I was ready to come home and chill in a laid back environment. I love cluttered, “lived-in” looking decor scenes, but often have a little trouble fighting my inner drive toward clean minimalism in order to create them (and possibly aContinue reading “Lazy Afternoon…but I really meant to do the laundry, I swear!”

I like pink and don’t pick my stuff up off the floor. Come at me, brah…

I am a grown woman. Most of the time I am known to be a rational, level headed person. Most…of the time. However, super cute items with a sense of whimsy and joy, especially those that are pink or pastel colored cause me to regress to a pre-teen like state of squeeing. All the itemsContinue reading “I like pink and don’t pick my stuff up off the floor. Come at me, brah…”

Gothic Romance

When I laid eyes on the ChiMia Oak Four Poster bed, it conjured up notions of a gothic romance in my head and immediately wanted to create a scene for it. The gorgeous Paname apartment and Hera Iris curtains, also by ChiMia, contributed greatly to the setting. The bed set, which includes the traveling trunkContinue reading “Gothic Romance”

Marvelous Multi-Option Murphy Bed

Oh wow do I love furniture with options! I had such fun playing at styling the KraftWork Modern Murphy Bed, available at the Anthem event through January 30th. 599L for the PG, 899L for the Adult. The main pic above is a combo I just loved, and shows the set with the doors closed. TheContinue reading “Marvelous Multi-Option Murphy Bed”