Sophisticated yet Cheeky

Sophisticated yet cheeky, that’s how I like to think of myself. Whether that is actually true, who knows, but I love anything with an unexpected whimsical twist, it always makes me smile. And it turns out a couple of my sponsors, ChiMia and InsurreKtion, have both released some super fun items that have that quirkyContinue reading “Sophisticated yet Cheeky”

Up to Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere

I’ve been struggling the last few days with the blogger equivalent of writer’s block. I think because I am fairly new to blogging, I still feel the need to prove myself as a blogger and make each post bigger and better than the next. It’s pressure only from myself, I know this. So….I decided toContinue reading “Up to Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere”

I like pink and don’t pick my stuff up off the floor. Come at me, brah…

I am a grown woman. Most of the time I am known to be a rational, level headed person. Most…of the time. However, super cute items with a sense of whimsy and joy, especially those that are pink or pastel colored cause me to regress to a pre-teen like state of squeeing. All the itemsContinue reading “I like pink and don’t pick my stuff up off the floor. Come at me, brah…”

Blue Skies, Vacation Vibes

It’s been so dark and rainy in my part of the world that when I saw Scarlet Creative selling their Sonoma Villa and Pool for 75L, I went and snatched it up so I could create a sunny getaway for myself! The Pool add-on is terrific and serves to perfectly showcase some fabulous items fromContinue reading “Blue Skies, Vacation Vibes”