Weekend Sales and a Super Sexy Bath

I have been lusting after the Cooper bathroom by MudHoney for a hot min…it’s ahhhhhhhmazing. The set includes EVERYTHING you need for a well stocked bathroom, including TP, towels, bath supplies for him and her, rugs, even a flat white coffee and a book to enjoy as you lounge solo or with your special someoneContinue reading “Weekend Sales and a Super Sexy Bath”

The Glory of a Good Kitchen

Slowly sipping my coffee in a quiet kitchen as the sun comes up and the rest of the world is still sleeping is on my list of one of the greatest “little” pleasures in life. I had one of those mornings this morning. In appreciation of it, I decided to set out the Pitaya “LaContinue reading “The Glory of a Good Kitchen”

For the Love of…Books!

Welcome to the first of what I plan to be many “For the Love of…” posts. One of my favorite things to do in Second Life is acquiring homes and decorating them. I find it a fun, creative, relaxing outlet for myself. I like to use a mix of old and new items from creators.Continue reading “For the Love of…Books!”

Beyond the Holidays

After the holidays is a new year with new beginnings. Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog post! The Dust Bunny Tinsel Living Room set was a delight for Christmas, and because of its neutral colors, the main components of it–the sectional, sofa, coffee table, and rug–make for a sweet set to useContinue reading “Beyond the Holidays”

Weekend Sale Steal!

Don’t miss this sale this weekend! Scarlet Creative is offering their Ana Loft for 75L! The furniture pack, some of which is featured here, is also on sale for 199L. Such a good deal I couldn’t resist! When the Scarlet Creative group notice went out, I got so excited I stopped what I was doingContinue reading “Weekend Sale Steal!”