Sunday on Victoria Street

One day, some day, maybe on a Sunday, we’ll stroll along the avenue again, without a mask, without a worry. Having got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine recently, I feel one step closer to that. And Lagom has released a lovely little street front set called Victoria Street that makes it easy toContinue reading “Sunday on Victoria Street”

Living Large in Small Spaces with Ease, by Lagom

Ease is something a lot of us don’t have nowadays with the way the world is, but you can create an environment of it with Lagom’s lovely new release by the same name, available at the current round of Access, now through May 8th. It’s a gacha that contains all you need to create aContinue reading “Living Large in Small Spaces with Ease, by Lagom”

Curing a Case of the Mondays

Some days, one can wake up with the blahs…a case of the Mondays. When I get those, I try to embrace the little things that bring a smile to my face and find comfort in them. Lagom’s pink, girly, cheeky vibe always does that for me. Their Messy Missy set available at the current roundContinue reading “Curing a Case of the Mondays”

Sneak Peek of Your Dreams of Spring!

Your Dreams sneak peek, coming soon. This item includes a large corner palette sofa, basket of tulips, bird’s nest, and vinca basket. The colors are reminiscent of a lovely spring afternoon in full bloom. I love the wood grain and the “burned in” logo on the palette sofa, which also has cute pillows piled onContinue reading “Sneak Peek of Your Dreams of Spring!”

Saturday in the Sun is so Right with WRONG!

WRONG has come out with several outdoor pieces that make setting up a fun summer home easy peasy! Take a dip in their Donut pool during the day and cozy up in a media equipped pergola for a good cuddle and movie at night in the Pergola Sirius set. The Sirius set is available nowContinue reading “Saturday in the Sun is so Right with WRONG!”

Lagom…take me away!

Lagom has done it again, with the cute bath clutter set now available at the current round of Liason Collaborative, which runs through March 10th. A perfect beginning to the weekend, their signature pink tones and sweet details throughout the set make for a lovely bath time scene. The set has everything you need, completeContinue reading “Lagom…take me away!”

I like pink and don’t pick my stuff up off the floor. Come at me, brah…

I am a grown woman. Most of the time I am known to be a rational, level headed person. Most…of the time. However, super cute items with a sense of whimsy and joy, especially those that are pink or pastel colored cause me to regress to a pre-teen like state of squeeing. All the itemsContinue reading “I like pink and don’t pick my stuff up off the floor. Come at me, brah…”