Rhapsody in Black, White & Gold

I do love a good color theme in decor. Black and White is always a simple winner, but when you add a specific metallic accent, like gold, it ups the level of chic. Acrid’s new gacha release for the current round of The Epiphany inspired the scene. The gray flooring and white walls of TrompeContinue reading “Rhapsody in Black, White & Gold”

Luxe Leisure Time

MudHoney’s Briar Beanbag Chairs, available now at FaMeshed X through March 6th, are gorgeous examples of comfy chic that I just love. You can almost feel the brushed suede texture of them. I placed the pair in the Trompe Loeil Cliffside house, available now at Collabor88 through March 6th as well. The Rae Entry Set,Continue reading “Luxe Leisure Time”